Salobre Golf New Course

Salobre, Costa Maspalomas, Gran Canaria, España
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The Salobre Golf New Course is focused on target golf and very demanding. Also known by its old name the North Course and designed by John Kirby, it is unique in its own way. There are some spectacular tee shots on the New Course over canyons and ravines and therefore not a golf course for the faint hearted. I would like to recommend to take plenty of balls, especially to the mid to high handicappers.

You don’t want to be stuck without a golf ball at the 15th hole. This course is a target golf course, even though the holes are quite short. The views are absolutely fantastic. The only thing about this course is that it is impossible to walk.

I like to walk all the courses here on Gran Canaria, but I would not attempt to walk this course. You will understand why, if you ever play it.

The Difficulty

The Salobre Golf New Course is of the many golf courses Spain has to offer quite a demanding course. Playing this course needs a lot of accuracy and course management. I am not going to say that this course is only for low handicappers, but what I will say is, that any level of golfer can play it: But go there to ENJOY the course and don’t expect to hit your best round ever.

The Fairways

The fairways are in good condition and the ball rolls quite a lot on these fairways. Because there are a lot of uphill and downhill holes on this course, it is very important you choose the right club to tee off with.

The reason for this is because, if you choose too much club, you can run into trouble off the fairway. Position your ball on the right side of the fairway – this will make your approach shot easier.


The Greens

The greens have recently been changed to a different type of grass. This makes the greens more receptive. They are quite nice to putt on, too. On the North Course, there are quite a lot of greens that have tiers – so it is also important where you position your ball on the green. Otherwise you may have some tricky putts.

The Performance Fitting Centre

The Performance Fitting Centre is the place I would recommend to go if you want any of your clubs adjusted, repaired, or you would like a fitting. Ruben who runs the fitting centre at the time of this writing in 2017, loves his job and is very serious with his work. All the local golfers living on this island including myself always go to see Ruben if we need anything regarding our clubs.

I will guarantee Ruben will do a fantastic job at a reasonable price. He also has the top of the range trackman, so you can have a session with him if you think you need to check your swing. So if you are staying in Salobre golf resort or you need a fitting, repairs or similar, make your way to the fitting centre and I will promise you, you will be in good hands. Ruben is an expert with the trackman and can find your faults straight away.

Written by; Craig Shaw

Where to stay:

You can either stay at the Sheraton Salobre Golf & Spa Hotel or you can book one of the Salobre Golf Villas. Read also about the Salobre Old Course.

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2 reviews

  1. lack of maintenance

    I played the course on Dec 21 and was surprised in positive and negative way. Positive were the watered greens and fairways which prevented the balls to bounce anywhere uncontrolled and sometimes unfairly. However, from an ecologic perspective somewhat questionable. Negatively I perceived that only lady and senior tees were equipped with markings, so I concluded that the other tees were closed. Even it is a difficult course, the challenge is too low playing most wholes below 300 meters with a HC of 15. When asking at the desk later I was told that all tees were open to play and one may choose from where on the tee box. I think they are just too lazy to take care of the tee boxes and this is confirmed by the lack of maintenance of the whole course, everything starts to get a bit shabby looking – damaged, broken, bleeched from the sun, obviously they stopped to invest to keep the course and the environment on premium level as it has once been some years ago – what a pity.

    1. Thank you so much for taking the time and writing a review. We will forward your review to the Golf Course.

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