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We are Hiring - GRAN CANARIA REGIONALTotally cool you found your way to this page! We are always interested in growing our team with skilled people in their area.  If you share our love of Gran Canaria and need to let the world know, you have come to the right place. Would you like to join us? 

As the demand of our client grows, our team needs to grow. We are always looking for Writers & Bloggers, WordPress Implementors, Social Media Managers, Reviewers, Designers and more. And mostly people who are highly motivated and have a desire to learn new things.

Scroll down to see what the current openings are. 

Gran Canaria Regional is a modern company. Everybody in our small team works from home. Our core local team usually meets up once or twice per week.  With our freelancers from Europe we Skype and WhatsApp on a regular basis. Everybody is paid on the completion of tasks for a previously agreed price, instead of the old-fashioned hourly based face-time in an office (which often is very unproductive).


What we need of you:

All you need to start with us and be eligible for a testing phase:

  • Access to a computer or laptop and a smartphone
  • Willingness to learn
  • A little extra-time to complete the given tasks
  • Fluent English (native level)
  • Good Spanish
  • You must live on Gran Canaria or know the island well due to long-term stays or repeat visits.

Your Advantages

We have a testing period, when we ask you to SHOW us what you can do and to see if you can fit in our team. Everybody has their talents. And we firmly believe that everybody should work with they love. As that comes easy to them and produces the best work. Read on.

Positions & Jobs

Each position or job opening is marked as either Currently OPEN or Position Filled.

You click on CONTACT US, and fill in the form, adding the position you are applying for in the Subject Box. Describe why you are applying and what you could bring to the table. Add CV, articles, Facebook Page, Instagram Account and anything else which could be of our interest.


Are you a Blogger?
Currently OPEN

Do you like writing about Gran Canaria? Are you looking for an audience platform where people are actually reading your articles? And, you would like to extend your understanding and your knowledge of WordPress and SEO writing in general?  We are looking for people like you.

All you need to do is send us 2 – 3 test articles about Gran Canaria, telling us about your favourite place, a nice experience or what you would recommend a traveller or resident to go and look at and why. If your style fits our style we will teach you how to create a complete article or listing and hire you as a freelance writer.

If your articles turn out to be popular amongst our English-speaking visitors we will have your articles translated to some of the other languages on our site.

If you like to write about following, contact us here:

  • Blog article about Gran Canaria (beaches, sights, walks, etc.)
  • Canarian Recipes
  • Gran Canaria Events

In the Subject Line please write: BLOGGER/WRITER 



Do you love writing Reviews?
Currently OPEN

Do you like writing about Restaurants, Hotels, Attractions and other places on Gran Canaria? Are you able to point out the good, see an opportunity for the bad, and can explain why people should visit a place?

If that sounds like you, let us know. We are will need a few rest reviews and if we are impressed, we will take you on as a Blogger and teach how to compose reviews or what we call listings to fit our style.

If you like to write about following, contact us here:

  • Hotels
  • Restaurant Reviews
  • Business Reviews
  • Activities
  • Shops & Shopping Centres
  • Clinics and more…

In the Subject Line please write: REVIEWER 


Social Media Manager

You love Instagram, Facebook & Co.?
Currently OPEN

Are you one of those people who just has to post something at least once a day on Instagram, Facebook, or write reviews on TripAdvisor or Google?

If that sounds like you, let us know. We would love to see your personal social media channels and what your imagination and skills are in this area. Even if you only know the basics but spend a lot of time online following what is going on, and would absolutely love to work with this, contact us clicking here.

The Social Media Channels we are top notch at:

  • Instagram
  • Facebook
  • Google My Business
  • TripAdvisor
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn

In the Subject Line please write: Social Media Manager 


Office Admin/Personal Assistant

Do you like running an office?
Position Filled

Do you instinctively know what your boss needs?


  • Native English
  • Excellent Spanish
  • Perfect English & Spanish business writing
  • Organisational skills
  • Basic Web Literacy
  • Need to have transport (car or motorbike)
  • Self-motivated


  • Good understanding of WordPress
  • Understanding of Marketing
  • Experience in similar area
  • Additional language

Working area:

  • Compose letters, marketing materials and other correspondence
  • Renew and update online client base
  • Edit photographs
  • Create client listings (WordPress)
  • Edit and publish webpages (WordPress)
  • Co-ordinate and pay freelancers
  • Email correspondence in English and/or Spanish
  • Issuing of quotes, invoices and similar
  • Filing and organisation of paper work

To apply for this position please send us your CV and application letter, filling in the form here.

In the Subject Line please write: OFFICE ADMIN 

A few more Thoughts…

We will look how to use your talents in the best possible way for you to grow and help us grow our small company. All you need to do, is to let us know, how you could fit in. We are also open for good IDEAS, on how to grow our business. You can Contact Us with your IDEA as well.

But first you need to show us that you understand us.  A good place to start is the Gran Canaria REGIONAL Homepage and look at the business listings and our articles in general. You can also read more about us clicking here.