Playa de Las Canteras Las Palmas

3km of Golden Sand, Very Centric, Disabled Beach Access
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The Playa Las Canteras Las Palmas has been rated as one of the best beaches of Gran Canaria. The beach is situated right in the heart of the city lined with a well kept beach walk all along. The sand is fine and golden, the sea usually calm on one side and rough enough for surfers on the other. For city sunbathing it is a perfect spot and therefore popular with the locals all year round. On weekends in the summer months it can be sometimes hard to find a space – it can get that busy!

The Different Areas of Las Canteras

The Las Canteras Beach Walk stretches from one end to the other for just over 3km. The north end is Las Puntillas followed by the main beach area of Playa Grande, and then the central zone is Playa Chica followed by La Peña and continuing to the southern end which is called La Cicer. The areas of Las Puntillas, Playa Grande and Playa Chica are the main swimming and bathing areas. The whole bay has the name of Bahía del Confital.

playa de las canteras areas

Stand up paddle is only available when the tide is low and the ‘Barra’ is visible. The Barra as it is known by the locals is a natural reef which acts as barrier towards the beach protecting it from the crashing seas. When the tide is out you can swim to the barrier or at really low tide even walk to it. The low tide converts the coast into a giant pool making it safe for families with small childres. Being a marine reserve inhabited with over 1000 species of marine life the Playa de las Canteras Las Palmas is an excellent beach for snorkelling as well.

La Cicer at the southern end is popular with surfers and body boarders. Since there is no barrier reef at this end it boasts a good swell all year round. The water depth is relatively shallow making it perfect for beginners and children. For the more experienced surfer the waves further out from the shore are much bigger. Here you will find many surf schools offering lessons and surf training to all ages and abilities. At the end of the coastal path is the stunning Alfredo Kraus Auditorium which is next to Las Palmas largest shopping centre, Las Arenas.

Alfredo kraus Auditorium

Facilities and Recreation on the Playa del Las Canteras Las Palmas

If water sports and beach are not your thing, the Playa de Las Canteras in Las Palmas offers an array of restaurants, cafés and bars from end to end. Restaurants dish up not just Spanish and Canarian cuisine but food from all over the world, Italian, Mexican, Peruvian, Turkish and Greek to name a few.

The great thing about this beach are all the extra facilities that are offered by the town hall of Las Palmas. Red Cross units each containing toilets and other facilities are open to the public. Alongside these buildings are also areas of decking which are sheltered and run towards to the water’s edge allowing wheelchair users and disabled people access to the beach. There are even buoyancy vehicles which allow disabled people to go into the sea and a children’s wheelchair swing in the play park.

Along the coastal path you will find many play areas for children. And there is always something going on in a bar or café which draws a crowd. December time the town hall opens the giant sand sculpture of the Christmas nativity, often 2 metres tall or more. If you get the opportunity its definitely worth a visit.

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