La Cicer Beach on Las Canteras

Surfing Area which not as busy as main beach

La Cicer is a large area of the Las Canteras beach starting by the Alfredo Kraus Auditorium, the South end of the coastal path and continuing up to La Peña, a more rocky bay between La Cicer and Playa Chica.

If you walk up from the busy bathing and more touristy end of Las Canteras towards the end you will see a change in the beach and ocean line as you reach La Cicer.

La Cicer, Las Canteras, Las Palmas

Here the sand is much darker, in fact it actually changes its shade of darkness throughout the year depending on the tide. Despite the colour it is still very soft and smooth and at times the dry sand at the beach wall can be pure black, which is completely different to the rest of the sand on Las Canteras which is golden.

This area attracts more locals than tourists, although there are a few good hotels towards this end so it is becoming increasingly more popular.

During the busy summer season, the main beach can be very crowded and sometimes it can be impossible to find a space. Take a walk down to La Cicer to have a better chance of finding a good patch of sand for bathing.

The Main Attraction of La Cicer

One thing to bear in mind about this area of the beach is that it is very popular for surfing and body-boarding amongst the locals. Although swimming is not prohibited in this section, you must take care not to put yourself in the path of an oncoming surfer!

La Cicer Surf RulesIf you have come to Las Palmas to surf then you are in the right place. La Cicer offers a beach break which is suitable for all levels of surfing and body-boarding, but it’s especially good for beginners.

Due to this end of the Las Canteras Beach having no barrier reef it allows the waves to roll in to the shore creating a nice white water break for beginners.

Before you enter the sea for the first time surfing at La Cicer be sure to check out the surfing and body-boarding rules to ensure you follow the correct surf code of conduct. If you are a more experienced surfer, then paddling out beyond the shallow break will allow you to enjoy much bigger waves.

At the very end of the coastal path you will stumble upon the Alfredo Kraus statue and the auditorium. The auditorium hosts a number of national and international concerts throughout the year. You will also find a mini outdoor workout area with several apparatus for keeping fit. Across the road the Las Arenas shopping centre is located, just in case you fancy a spot of shopping.

There is no shortage of bars and restaurants along this area. Within the last couple of years a lot more bars and eateries have popped up in this area. It has become busier especially in the late afternoon and early evening with there being more choice at this end for food and drink as well as several bars offering live music as entertainment. If you want the same great view with a more local feel, then wander down from the main beach to La Cicer and try it out.

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