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The children’s specialist dentist in Las Palmas, Kids Dental Planet is something else! Every single detail is aimed at making children feel comfortable and secure and Dr. Victoria, the paediatric dentist, is the kindest doctor we have ever met.

Revisited them in February 2021

We revisited them in February 2021. My youngest teeth actually lined up pretty nicely after how they looked 10 year ago (see below). In my opinion they are perfect, here you can see us at New Year’s Eve 2020.

Perfect Teeth, Kids Dental Planet

But his vanity dictates to get them perfectly straight. And again, he insisted to visit the Kids Dental Clinic, now 14 years old, to get a quote from them. At that occasion we visited Dra. Victoria who is still there. And she was so happy to see us! I forgot to take a picture though, as I myself was so happy that she could remember us!!

Kids Dental Planet 2021 Marco Ojeda

Only a handful of pediatric dentists in Gran Canaria

Naturally, there are other dentists in Gran Canaria who treat children’s dental problems. But you will rarely meet a more specialized paediatric dentist and one who clearly cares about not creating a dental phobia in your child. I remember going to one dentist, recommended by a children’s nurse, who scared the living daylight out of me while my third-born was being treated on the dentist’s chair.

At the Kids Dental Planet they care!

Here, they really care about the children and schedule plenty of time to treat each child. There is no rush. The doctor speaks to the child until the child gives permission to start the treatment.

Fear of Dentist Undone

If they have to drill a hole, they start with a special spray to numb the gum area. They have several different flavours, imported from the US, which children can choose from. After the gum is numbed, the real anaesthetic is injected. Only then, do they start with the drilling. During the whole treatment the parents can always stay close by.

Dental Polyclinic Marco Ojeda:

The Kids Dental Planet is part of the Dental Polyclinic Marco Ojeda in Las Palmas. The bottom floor is dedicated to adult treatments. It has a reception area and several completely equipped treatment cubicles where the patients are treated. Marco Ojeda is the founder of the clinic and is dedicated to the thorough treatment of every single patient and every single member of staff.

All the staff we have met were very efficient, friendly and well organized. No doubt in our mind, these qualities start at the very top and filter down to all the members of staff.

Dental Clinic Marco Ojeda Policlinica

Another thing I really like: They actually call you the day before your appointment to remind you about it. Brilliant. As goodness knows how many doctors appointments I have forgotten about in the past!

Inaugurated in 2013

The Kids Dental Planet was inaugurated at the end of 2013 as an addition to the Dental Policlinic. It occupies the entire top floor, with its own waiting rooms, TV room, kids bathroom and baby changing room, tooth cleaning station and a spacious dental office.

The theme is outer space and it works brilliantly. The children’s dentist is really out of this world, at least in my experience from what I have seen in Gran Canaria in the last 20 years! You would expect to find a clinic like this in a big city like New York or London!

Waiting Rooms at Kids Dental Planet

The waiting rooms are simply amazing. There are so many different toys to play with and a TV room which can accommodate up to 20 children. Well, it is more like a mini cinema. The picture below I took is from the children’s waiting room looking into the TV room. You can see my youngest sitting and watching a movie.

How we found this Children’s Dentist

One day, after a school excursion to the Children’s Dental Planet in Las Palmas, our youngest came home and was excited to tell us that he had found his dentist: Dr. Victoria. If anybody was going to touch his teeth, it would be her. Here is the picture of his class at the dental planet.

All the kids love Dr. Victoria!

Dr. Victoria is the lady under the tree in the light blue children friendly dentist shirt. They were the first class to visit the dental clinic, which lead into a series of school visits from all over the island.

First she explained all the different tools a dentist uses. Then every single pupil had their teeth checked. When she checked the teeth of our youngest, she gathered the whole class around him to explain about dental cavities. Poor guy – you can see on the picture below how shy he was.

Our youngest had already developed a severe fear of dentists. With six bad teeth, we had been visiting a dentist from when he was two years old. By age five, he would not go near a dentist, no matter how bad the tooth ache!

But after the Dr. Vicotria had explained the consequences of dental cavities, he decided it was time to have his teeth treated. You can read how his fear developed and changed to accepting the inevitable in my article Fear of Dentist Undone.

Kids Dental Planet Children Dentist

How to get there

The Clinic is in Lomo Los Frailes, Las Palmas. Very easily reached from the motorway GC-3 towards Arucas and Teror. You come off the motorway at the turn off to GC-340 towards Tamaraceite and Torres de Guanarteme. The dentist’s street is a one-way road. So the GPS might send you around the small roads a bit.

You don’t need to drive into C/Jordan, but rather park on the bigger C/Jamat, where the pharmacy is. The dentist is right next to the pharmacy.

Author: Judith Schjorring

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