Amadores Beach Club – Gran Canaria

Chill-Out, fine dining & salt pool all in one!

The Amadores Beach Club is part restaurant, part beach chill out, part cocktail bar. The restaurant serves truly exquisite food which you can either enjoy at the comfortable tables in the restaurant area or have it delivered to your sun-loungers.

The atmosphere is so mellow and relaxed that there is no need for hurry. Everything you do here, from enjoying meals and drinks to partying, can be done completely carefree and with the utmost Zen-like composure.

Amadores Beach Club, Gran Canaria

This place is beautifully decorated, complete with a salt water swimming pool. It also boasts round white beds and stylish long chairs scattered around the pool. But, this picture wouldn’t be complete without music.

That’s why the resident DJ is there to skillfully manufacture a chill-out vibe. The volume? Not too quiet and not too loud. In other words, just perfect for a normal-sounding conversation. Or relaxation. Either way, the Amadores Beach Club offers numerous interesting features.

The Amadores Beach Club Is The Perfect Mix Of Contrasts

The famous Chillax bar at the Amadores Beach Club is absolutely perfect for gazing upon the sunset towards Tenerife. All those romantic experiences you’ve heard so much about can be found here. The aforementioned sofas have a Thai beach theme. That means you can have a dash of Asian spirit while on vacation at a European-style establishment. And you know what they say – the best of things in this world come from combinations.

On the other hand, if you’re into the whole party-animal side of things, there is that, as well. For example, one of the largest gay pride pool parties took place at the Amadores Beach Club in May 2016.

Private Areas at Amadores Beach Club

Amadores Beach Club Private Cabaña

So, whatever the reason, the Amadores Beach Club should not be missed. Though, keep in mind that you’d be wise to book in advance. This because the club is very popular with tourists. Therefore, it’s a challenge to find a vacancy both on and off season.

For example, the individual long chair will cost you 15,00 €. Double long chairs are 30,00 €. A round Balinese bed will set you back 35,00 € and King Size long chairs will be yours for 40,00 €. Don’t let not visiting this place become a regret!

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