Our Top 5 Gran Canaria Sunset Spots

Watching the SUNSET here on Gran Canaria is always a beautiful moment - Five amazing places to watch ...

Top 5 Gran Canaria Sunset Spots

Whether it’s your first time or your twentieth visit to Gran Canaria, watching the SUNSET here on Gran Canaria is always a beautiful moment. You think you have seen it all?! Remember every SUNSET is unique. So, come back again tomorrow for another spectacular SUNSET.

1º Pico de Las Nieves – Our Favourite

Located: Centre of the Gran Canaria, above Tejeda.

Just take in the fantastic view of Mount Teide in Tenerife – Roque Nublo – Roque Bentayga in one picture.  It is a must-see spot!!! The views are spectacular.

Sunset Gran Canaria - Tenerife Teide.


With 1.949 metres above sea level, the highest point on Gran Canaria is Pico de Las Nieves. It is quite a bit of a drive, about 1,5 hours, but definitely worth the effort. The roads are in good conditions all the way up and down. No words can explain how I feel when I am up there observing this amazing sunset, above the clouds.

If you would like to give it a go, there are two options to get up to this highest spot of Gran Canaria:

Option One

  • Take the Motorway GC1 up to Telde,
  • Go through Telde on GC 100, look for signpost GC130.
  • GC 130 up to Pico de Las Nieves.

Option Two

  • Take the GC 60.
  • When you arrive in Ayacata, turn right on to GC 600.
  • You will then come to a T junction turn right follow GC130.
  • Next stop Pico de Las Nieves.
  • Remember warm clothes, go early take a picnic.


2º Puerto de Mogan

Located: On the south west coast of Gran Canaria.

Sunset Puerto de Mogan.

  • Drive along the GC1 direction Puerto de Mogan.
  • Continue through the town until you arrive at the Harbour (Free parking in the evening).
  • Now you see some rubbish bins and a dirt path, walk up the path or just follow the crowd.
  • You have now arrived.

Puerto de Mogan is maybe the most famous spot, for watching the sunset here on Gran Canaria, Since it´s popular for watching the SUNSET. Get yourself there before the crowd comes, maybe bring something to drink, sit back – enjoy and wait for the sun to do the rest 🙂  Remember your camera 🙂

3º Faro de Maspalomas

Located: South on Gran Canaria

  • Drive along the GC 500 direction Faro de Maspalomas, some point the road turns into GC 510.
  • Look out for the Parking place. Save you time, just park in there. Parking can be a nightmare otherwise.
  • Now 2 minutes’ walk away from Faro de Maspalomas.

Anyone knows a great scene for a sunset picture is a silhouette of a lighthouse- fishing boat and some walking people.

What if…. you can get all of that in one picture.  You can walk along the seafront. Sit at one of the many restaurants – bars just enjoying the view.

To the left of the Light house you see the sand dunes, bring a picnic and let the kids are run up and down the dunes. When you are looking at this incredible sunset. Sorry don´t any sunset pictures from Maspalomas (coming soon).

4º Puerto de Las Nieves

Located: North-west coast of Gran Canaria.

Sunset Puerto de Las Nieves - Tenerife.

  • Drive alone the GC 1 direction Las Palmas,
  • Just before Las Palmas- the road splits into two GC3 and GC1.
  • Stay to the left on GC3, direction Galder on the GC2 .
  • Now on the North coast road GC2 – direction Agaete.
  • Signpost for Puerto de Las Nieves will start appearing.
  • Drive through the village down to where the ferry to Tenerife departs.
  • Free parking.

Small fishing village with a panoramic view of the sunset.  You can walk along the seafront OR you can bring your swimwear and jump into one of the natural swimming pools- watch the sun and Tenerife  (Most days) disappear for the night.

Absolutely stunning view. You may have to come back again tomorrow.

5º Las Canteras (Las Palmas de Gran Canaria)

Located: The capital of Gran Canaria Las Palmas.

Sunset Las Canteras Beach Las Palmas de Gran Canaria.

  • Drive along the GC1 direction Las Palmas
  • Drive all the way into Las Palmas
  • Until you see a signpost GC2, turn left in the roundabout– go through the tunnel
  • Now stay to your right, you will now see a sign– LAS ARENAS– follow the road
  • Parking 3 hours for free.
  • Read more about Las Canteras Beach

Now you have about 2.8 km of beach front, where you can sit and watch the sunset.  You are now spoiled for choices. Where do YOU want to sit and have this beautiful view?

Remember sandy beach, surfers, palm trees go hand in hand— When looking for the perfect holiday picture.

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