Diving Gran Canaria Waters

Get exclusive access to a whole underwater world that few dare to experience.

Diving Gran Canaria

If you are thinking about a vacation in the Canary Islands, definitely take into consideration to diving Gran Canaria waters for a number of reasons. First, you get exclusive access to a whole underwater world that few dare to experience.

Secondly, no two dives are alike. And that includes repetitive diving at the same location. Thirdly, there is always the thrill of getting out of your comfort zone. Even master divers report that every new dive causes a tingling sensation in their stomach.

Surprise That Special Someone By Surprising Yourself

Can you think of a more original way of surprising that special someone with a treat? They will be swept off their feet in no time! Both figuratively and literally. Free diving demonstration are given in most bigger hotels on certain days, and quite often the first diving lessons are performed in the safety of a pool. If you have never tried diving before, this is the perfect opportunity.

Diving Gran Canaria

Diving Gran Canaria As A Way Of Pushing Your Boundaries

So, let us put that in another way. If you happen to be a Jacques Cousteau fan and an avid “20,000 Leagues Under The Sea” aficionado, diving Gran Canaria is a dream come true. How? Well, simple. Exploring this side of your personality, which you probably never suspected you had, is all about perfect timing.

Diving Gran Canaria

That means that not only will you be able to enjoy a kickass Gran Canaria vacation, but you will also step out of your comfort zone. Basically, you will enrich yourself with a new experience at the same time. All that is necessary for this to become reality is a bit of good will and a healthy dose of adventurous spirit.

Gran Canaria Diving Schools

When it comes to diving Gran Canaria, there are countless schools scattered across the island. Your safest bet is to explore each one depending on where you are looking to dive. That translates into schools that operate in the northwest, east, northeast and south area of Gran Canaria.

Diving Gran Canaria

Here are several of the most prominent ones: Diving Center Sun-Sub, Naútico, Club Amigos del Atlántico, Calypso Dive Center, Delphinius Diving School Gran Canaria, Top Diving, Buceo Norte, Buceo Pandora, Davy Jones Diving, Mirafondos, Lavy Sub, 7mares Las Canteras, Buceo Canarinas, Zeus Dive Center, Scubasur Gran Canaria, Blue Explorers, Atlantik Diving, Extra Divers Worldwide and many others.

Diving Gran Canaria

***NOTE: All Courses Are Run By The Professional Association of Diving Instructors (PADI). Filling in a questionnaire regarding your past medical history and general health is mandatory prior to each dive. This may include a complete medical.

Diving Gran Canaria

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Diving Gran Canaria Waters written by Eileen Ystheim
Eileen lives in Norway, and has been on holidays in the south of Gran Canaria on many occasions together with her family staying usually in Puerto Rico.

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