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It started as a fishing spot and evolved to a popular holiday resort, especially amongst the Brits and Scandinavians.

Puerto Rico beach, Puerto Rico, Gran Canaria, Spain

The harbour town of Puerto Rico is a sunny holiday resort on the southwest coast of Gran Canaria. Puerto Rico tempts with inviting beaches and a wide range of hotels, and is very popular amongst families for the big offer on activities. Especially for the Brits and Scandinavians. The valley is surrounded by cliffs and built-in hotels, and provides a lovely view over the sandy beach.

Puerto Rico’s Evolution

In the 1950ies it was a mere fishing spot, could not even call it a fishing village, until the first holiday bungalows were built in the 60ies, but only for the daring, who were willing to take the long and winding journey upon themselves from the Gran Canaria airport.

From the early 1980ies the area soon became popular amongst holiday makers due to its fantastic climate and  350 sunny days per year. Puerto Rico is built over three valley nowadays, and most of the accommodation is on the actual mountainsides.  The golden sand beach is crowned on both sided with two small harbours, and that protection almost guarantees calm waters.

Taking a Stroll through Puerto Rico Gran Canaria

Coming up from the beach, you can enjoy a relaxing stroll through the park or stop over at the pool area for a swim in sweet water and a nice cold drink before walking on. The pool, restaurant and park  were the very first things that were created in 1960ies, together with the double row of bungalows lining the park.

Puerto Rico beach, Puerto Rico, Gran Canaria, Spain

Taking the subway walk  you emerge at the second part of the park which leads up to the shopping centre. The Puerto Rico shopping centre offers numerous opportunities to shop and eat, as well as  pubs, amusement parks, fast food and night clubs. The popular yacht harbour area is an attractive area to get a good meal and watch the night-life unfold.

The Beaches in Puerto Rico, Gran Canaria

Puerto Rico has a 400 metres long golden sand beach. The beach is popular amongst families, as the shallow waters offer a  safe environment for kids to splash and play. Tourists may choose to bathe and laze in the sun, or join one of the many exciting water sports activities. Read more about Puerto Rico Beach here.

puerto rico beach,gran acnaria

The Playa de Amadores beach is about 1 km away, and was open to the public since the turn of the millenium.  You can take the coastal walk all the way to reach this gorgeous white sand beach. The white sand imported from the Caribbean, and stretches 800 metres. Plenty of space for everyone, and it secluded location make this a favourite for travellers with children.

Playa de Amadores Beach, Gran Cnaria

Accommodation in Puerto Rico, Gran Canaria

There are many hotels for all budgets and in all sizes, giving plenty of opportunity finding the right place for you. Many of the hotels are built onto the mountainsides, giving fantastic ocean views. If you are after a holiday resort that has it all, in sunny and excellent weather conditions, then Puerto Rico may very well be worth a visit.


Activities in Puerto Rico, Gran Canaria

If you rent a car, you may be further able to explore the mountain villages or spend the day shopping in Las Palmas. If you fancy golfing, you can do so on the Anfi golf courses nearby or try one of the other 9 golf courses on Gran Canaria.

If you want some action, the Angry Birds park in Puerto Rico is ideal for kids, Gran Canaria, may provide loads of fun for both children and grown-ups. Fancy jumping 7 metres onto a gigantic pillow? Or run on bouncy roads? Climb around tunnels and bridges? Or find your way past the laser-beams? Then this park is well worth a visit.

Excursions from Puerto Rico, Gran Canaria

There are plenty of opportunities to explore the island further. You may take the Líneas Salmón glass-bottom ferry to Puerto de Mogán, follow a guide to go trekking and explore the mountains, or go on a guided trip to one of the many near-by markets. There are many guided tours to choose from, both on land and at sea. North on the island, you may also find the climbing park GrancaVentura if you want to push your physical strength and challenge your tolerance of heights.

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