Now – Who doesn’t love coffee & homemade cakes?

Networking, Coffee & Cake

Facebook, coffee & homemade cakes!

This time I would love to tell you a little about a very special lady who is making fantastic homemade cakes in Puerto Rico. A brief conversation on Facebook with the delightful Lauren Leigh from Yummy Cookie led to me being invited to her beautiful home in Motor Grande, Puerto Rico for coffee and cake.

From a very young age I was always to be found talking with the old folks on a park bench somewhere around the local village. I have always loved chatting and networking, I guess it must just be in my blood! I also love nothing better than when a random chat turns into something more.

Homemade Cake in Gran Canaria

So what is so special about the her homemade cakes?

Over the years I had heard so many really good recommendations about Yummy Cookie that there was no way I was going to turn the offer down. Her cakes all looked seriously good. I was warmly welcomed with a delicious iced coffee and a slice of lemon drizzle cake. Oh what a fabulous treat – you can tell it was made with love!

Long term resident

Lauren has lived here for almost 14 years. A great story of a young girl who came on holiday in her teens but decided to pack her bags and go for her dreams. She moved to the island and did as we do as Expats, she worked her butt off to make things work out.

First Homemade Cakes

However, the day she made a birthday cake for her sister was a bit of a life changer. Lauren told me she enjoyed making the cake so much and completely surprised herself with how good it actually turned out that she thought about how she would really like to make them more often.

Social media works!

She posted it on Facebook and the orders just started coming in. Lauren told me that this is more of a passion than a business but some weeks are definitely busier than others. Working around 3 gorgeous and lively young boys it has got to be tough, but her work in our eyes is nothing more than incredible. Her cakes and treats are simply stunning!

How to contact Yummy Cookie

You can follow Lauren on her Facebook page Yummy Cookie or WhatsApp Tel: 659 99 62 20 and please tell her Nicky from Gran Canaria Regional sent you. Thank you 😉

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