Finca La Laja – Bodega Los Berrazales

Wine & Coffee Tasting at a 200 years old authentic Canarian Finca

The Finca La Laja & Bodega Los Berrazales, located in the Agaete Valley, has to be one of the best well-kept secrets on the island of Gran Canaria! A more than 200 year old farm with their own wine, avocado, orange and coffee produce open to the public for a visit.

Short Guided Tour & Wine Tasting

We found the Finca La Laja to be very special! If you should only make one trip during your stay to see something a little bit different on the island, this is one of the top places to go. For a very minimal price you get a short tour of the finca and several samples of their own wines. A hot cup of their own coffee accompanied with local cheeses, jams and seriously delicious cake is part of the tour.

La Finca de La Laja Bodega Los Berrazales Gran Canaria

Gran Canaria Coffee Plantation

Did you know that coffee is actually being grown here on the island? And what’s more, the Agaete Valley is the only valley in the whole of Europe that grows coffee, according to our La Laja guide. She also explained the whole process from growing the coffee plant to harvesting the coffee fruit and finally roasting the coffee bean. Very interesting!

Bodega Los Berrazales

The family is producing the award winning wines LOS BERRAZALES. On our tour of the bodega, we were explained how each one of the 5 wines was made. We also noticed, that a very special individual has paid a visit to the bodega. When you get to the wine cellar you will know exactly who we mean! 

La Finca de La Laja Bodega Los Berrazales Gran Canaria

Our Impressions of Finca La Laja

We arrived onsite in the afternoon just as tour in Spanish was starting. The guide was kind enough to let us join the tour on the spot. The payment was not an issue, that we could do later, she said. We had a few “Wow!” and “Oh, my goodness!” moments as they explained about the vegetation in the stunningly beautiful valley of Agaete. For example, the oldest pine tree of Gran Canaria was growing in the Finca de La Laja.

La Finca de La Laja Bodega Los Berrazales Gran Canaria

La Finca de La Laja Bodega Los Berrazales Gran Canaria

Products and Prices

All of their wonderful products can only be purchased onsite. There is no pressure to buy anything. As we really enjoyed the cup of home-grown coffee, we bought a bag of 250g of roasted coffee beans for 18€. Not cheap, but we have to say – we love the taste!

At the time of this writing, the guided tour and sampling of wine including a little cheese and other Canarian products costs 8€ per adult, and 4€ per child.

La Finca de La Laja Bodega Los Berrazales Gran Canaria

How to get to Finca La Laja – Los Berrazales

The easiest way to get there is by car via Agaete. It takes about 1,5 hours from Maspalomas and about 45min from Las Palmas. There is free onsite parking in several areas of the finca. However, don’t forget someone has to drive and not drink all the wine! There are buses from Las Palmas to Agaete from where you would take a taxi or you could book a private excursion which you can find available online from different locations.

(Author: Nicky Hobson)

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Bodega Finca La Laja
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14:07 14 Aug 20
Incredible place,the coffee is absolutely incredible and I don't like coffee. The texture, flavor and smell were all so... different than commercial grade coffee. You get to try 3 glasses of wine, some food, a choice of coffee with a tour for only 8 more
Jesse Vile
Jesse Vile
20:32 23 Jul 20
Really special place with beautiful surroundings. Nice people too. Definitely worth checking out.
Martin Fichta
Martin Fichta
18:19 26 Dec 19
Tasty vine, coffee and cheese, friedly people, possible buy what you have on testing and bit chaotic
Thiago Genez
Thiago Genez
15:28 24 Dec 19
Couldn't recommend enough. Great food, wine and coffee and the staff are even better (English, German, and Spanish... speakers; possible more). Local coffee jam with local cheese was superb! Excellent more
Rita Ferreira
Rita Ferreira
14:56 06 Dec 19
Amazing wine tasting with some snacks! The best wine experience in the island!! Just for 7€!
Alex Bramwell
Alex Bramwell
07:31 27 Nov 19
A stunning spot in the Agaete Valley and well worth the eight euro fee for the tour. This coffee plantation and winery... is beautiful and provides an excellent more
Liam Duan
Liam Duan
20:05 13 Oct 19
Amazing view, lovely tour and fantastic cheese. Also has the best mango I've ever tasted. Incredible value for money -... only €8 for a tour and wide variety tasting session! Could not recommend more highly, a must do if you're on the island!!!read more
Marek Chodyń
Marek Chodyń
11:25 25 Jul 19
Amazing landscapes can be admired from the observation deck. Great wines and cheeses as well as delicious coffe and... sweet snacks. Nice more
Steve Coe
Steve Coe
13:13 18 Mar 19
Such a hidden gem. Location is idlyic and the tour and history interesting.
Radoslaw Baranski
Radoslaw Baranski
17:08 08 Mar 19
Amazing place for oranges, wine, cheese and coffee as well as a history lesson about the region. Paloma was a great... host and every minute was a more
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  1. Coffee finca

    This very nice remote finca we visited in March ’21. Back in Berlin the whole family really enjoyed the coffee marmelade we bought there.

    1. Hi Ulrich,
      So glad you liked it! It truly is an amazing place. And glad you brought a bit of Gran Canaria to Germany.
      Hope to see you back in Gran Canaria, soon.

      Love Gran Canaria
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