Cheese Festival

The Cheese Festival or Fiesta de Queso takes place in Galdar, Guía y Montaña Alta on three different dates around the 1st of May. A must for cheese lovers!

The Cheese Festival, or Fiesta del Queso, takes place in the three towns of Guía, Galdár and Montaña Alta in the north of the island. The visitors can try dozens of different cheeses, together with olives, green and red mojo, desserts, wine and other Canarian specialities. For cheese lovers and Canarian food fans a must! Canarian Folklore, performed by local bands and dance groups convert the event into a traditional Canarian festivity rather than just a food tasting affair.

The exact date of each event is announced a few weeks before. As an orientation, in 2014 and 2015 the fair in Galdár was held on the 1st of May, followed by Montaña Alta a few days later. Guía celebrated their version of the Cheese festival on the last weekend in April.

The Highlights of the Cheese Festival

Hundreds of villagers volunteer preparing and organizing the event months before. They take great pride receiving and serving the ever growing amount of visitors each year. The women of the town show how the Canarian cheese is made and also offer tastings of fresh milk with gofio. Gofio is ground corn flour – the traditional staple food of the Canarians.


On the day of the fair, the aromas of the Queso de Flor, which Guía is famous for, reaches every corner of the town in the early hours of the morning. Mixed with the aromas of typical canarian dishes, such as sancocho (salty fish with potatoes), Canarian stews, potatoes and gofio, one knows that he is in for a treat.

The Role of the Cheese Festival for the Area

The Cheese Festival plays an important part in the development of tourism in that area on one hand, and the protection of origin for the Canarian cheeses on the other hand.  The Protected Designation of Origin (PDO) has been awarded for the Queso de Flor de Guía and Queso de Media Flor de Guía, both exquisite cheeses which are known for their unique and aromatic taste.

Quick Overview

Name of Event: Fiesta del Queso
Place: Gáldar, Guía y Montaña Alta
Time:  Begins at 10:00 am
Date: March/April/May
Duration: 1 Day in each town
Official Web Page: Página Oficial del Ayuntamiento de Gáldar
Facebook: El Ayuntamiento en el FACEBOOK

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