Tauro Beach – Playa de Tauro

Playa de Tauro, Mogán, Gran Canaria
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Tauro Beach – Playa de Tauro

Nestled between Amadores and Playa del Cura you will find the wonderful Tauro Beach. It was originally a natural rocky and sandy beach depending on the time of the year.  But in 2021 several tons of sand were imported from the Sahara. The sand is golden brown and it feels like one of the most natural beaches on the island.

Tauro Beach – Tranquil and Relaxed

The local name for Tauro beach is Playa de Tauro. This beach is known for its stunning clear turquoise waters, very stable weather and the most stunning sun sets. Caution is advised as the waves can be a bit rough and the entry into the sea is steep, especially for young children.

Playa de Tauro

On weekdays, the beach has a peaceful and calm atmosphere, making it one of the more serene options to explore. However, during bank holidays and weekends, it tends to be much busier.

While the beach lacks amenities such as sunbeds, umbrellas, and restrooms, two bar restaurants are available for food and drink, and their facilities can be used by visitors.

The Restaurants at la Playa del Tauro

The Vistamar Restaurant and its neighboring Bar-Restaurant PIO PIO offer a down-to-earth Canarina ambiance with a rustic touch, providing reasonably priced yet satisfying and well tasting food. As this is a beach popular among locals, you’ll relish in the traditional Canarian cuisine and friendly atmosphere.

Pio Pio Restaurant Tauro

Expect to savor classic Canarian dishes such as Paella, sizzling prawns, Canarian potatoes, bread with Alioli. Pair that with a cold bottle of Tropical or a glass of wine and you are in Heaven.

Tauro Beach and Cold Beer = Paradise

Moreover, PIO PIO is renowned for its Sunday afternoon beach parties that extend into the evening, accompanied by exceptional live music. This unique experience cannot be found elsewhere on the island.

Gorgeous views and sunsets

Tauro beach offers breathtaking views, especially during sunset. Whether you’re relaxing at one of the nearby restaurants or strolling along the beach, you can soak in the stunning beauty of of sea, sand and blue skies.

New Tauro Beach

The unobstructed vistas of the sea, the mountains behind the Tauro golf course, the swaying palm trees, clear blue skies, and lush greenery make this place truly remarkable. We highly recommend visiting Tauro beach to experience these awe-inspiring views firsthand.

Tauro Beach Sunset

Bufadero de Tauro

Bufadero de Tauro is a natural rock formation located on the coast of Tauro, accesible both from Amadores Beach and Tauro Beach. It is a popular attraction among visitors for its stunning views of the ocean and its dramatic geological features.

El Bufadero Tauro

It is a volcanic formation consisting of a series of interconnected caves, blowholes, and natural arches that were carved out of the coastal cliffs by the powerful waves of the Atlantic Ocean.

The formation was created over time by the erosion of volcanic rock and is characterized by a series of narrow canyons and crevices, through which seawater rushes and sprays up like geysers during high tide. Visitors can witness the impressive natural display of water spouts and waves crashing against the rocks from a safe distance on a designated viewing platform.

It is advised to be cautious when exploring this area as the terrain can be unstable and the waves can be dangerous.

Bufadero de Tauro

How to get there?

To get to Tauro beach, you can take the bus along the GC500 route, and there are stops on both sides of the road in both directions. If you prefer to walk, head to the far end of Amadores Beach and follow the track from the furthest car park. This area is also ideal for parking if you arrive by car.

Alternatively, you can park near the Guantanamo Restaurant at the opposite end of the beach, but be aware that it can get crowded. The restaurant has recently opened a free car park for patrons or charges 4 euros for a whole day of parking if you do not dine there, which seems like a good deal to us.

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