Ozone Holiday World Gymnase

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L’Ozone Holiday World Gymnase bénéficie d’un emplacement impressionnant sur le toit de l’Holiday World, centre de loisirs célèbre à Maspalomas. C’est le rêve des adeptes du fitness car il a été entièrement rénové en 2016 et possède dorénavant les machines dernier-cri.

Les locaux imposants, qui renferment  un gymnase complètement équipé, un spa et une piscine extérieure, sont ouverts aux membres du gymnase comme aux visiteurs; ainsi, tout le monde peut profiter des magnifiques installations.

Regardez cette piscine comme elle est accueillante !

Ozone Holiday World Gymnase & Spa, Pool

Au-dessus des installations se trouve un parking ainsi qu’un autre souterrain, les deux sont gratuits pour les membres et les visiteurs du Holiday World.

Ozone Holiday World Gymnase ne manque de rien !

Le gymnase totalement équipé, qui bénéficie d’une vue superbe sur le parc de Maspalomas, comprend une grande aire dédiée aux haltères, une autre de spinning, une autre pour les tapis de course et une salle pour les entrainements. Le gymnase est ouvert de 8h à 22h, il offre un grand choix de cours que vous pouvez consulter ici. Les plus prisés sont: Zumba, Pilates, Step et aussi aqua-gym!

Les débutants comme les adeptes expérimentés sont bienvenus à Ozone Holiday World Gymnase et le personnel polyglotte est toujours prêt à vous conseiller. Vous pouvez aussi louer les services d’un entraineur personnel.

Plus qu’un simple gymnase, c’est un style de vie!

Un des aspects que nous préférons d’Ozone Holiday World Gymnase est qu’il offre beaucoup plus que les prestations classiques. Il propose des cours de natation pour les bébés, des massages et des séances de physiothérapie, ainsi qu’un centre de soins de beauté parfaitement équipé et un salon de coiffure.

Vous avez le choix entre un tarif à la journée, pour 10 jours ou bien une carte de membre: Ainsi, tout le monde a la possibilité d’améliorer sa santé. Si vous êtes curieux et que vous désirez en savoir davantage, appelez l’Ozone Gym aujourd’hui et profitez d’une visite guidée des installations, nous sommes certains qu’elle vous impresionnera!

Ce que les gens disent


Judith Aurelia Mc Gee
Judith Aurelia Mc Gee
15:36 12 Aug 21
It's the best Gym , especially for spinning class 😍
Commander Waterford
Commander Waterford
17:48 01 Jun 21
Could be an excellent gym but for 50 Euros each month you could expect opening times more expanded on sundays and... public holidays (no other gym in this world closes at 4pm these days). Unfortunately no one is interested in watching for the mask obligation, many guys are without them. Have Air Condition Machines but seems they are just decoration - never saw in one year membership them powered on. The Fitness Machines are good quality but the competition does have better ones. In General lack of weights.PS: Regarding the answers given by the owner: 1. The opening hours had not been extended on sundays/public holidays the last months, they are simply closed. 2. See pictures taken today at the gym, I could provide 10 more w/o problems. 3. In Gran Canaria it is not very hot in summer?! Interesting.plus
Jamie Miscellaneous
Jamie Miscellaneous
18:57 19 Nov 20
Thanks for your speedy reply to my review however there was no misunderstanding so I don't appreciate trying to pin... this on a language barrier/me mistaking what was said. The lady on reception was very clear that the only shareable option was the 10 passes. That was perfectly clear to us.Perhaps a training issue/communication between management and staff here? Or just a simple push to encourage people to spend more under pressure. Either way, not ideal.It was a pushy claim to buy a €3 cap. The signage is not obvious at all and you have a total of two small printed A4 posters with something other than the cap rule above the jacuzzis and one swimming pool rules poster outside the pool.You are welcome for the feedback and I will be back !----------My original review.Luxurious gym with errors too.Could easily be 5 star but hoping someone takes on board these comments so giving it 3 for now... happy to amend should an appropriate reply be given.Let's start with the positives.The roof top pool and jacuzzis are stunning with a great view of the mountains.The gym itself has plenty of free weights, machines, space and professional, friendly trainers.Sanitizer is readily available and encouraged throughout.The class timetable is adequate and you're able to attend any of the classes without having to have a membership... well, this is what you are led to believe.The feedback management should be suggesting they are thankful for:1. The reception staff have little/no English language. We were told we could share 10 passes between us but then when we went to upgrade the next day by a different team member we were told no and also that we wouldn't be able to share anyway. We were also told we could join any and all classes. This was also apparently not the case, according to the second member of staff the following day who told ua 'funxtional' was only for members. Signage and language needs to be clear and clearly available. I didnt know you couldn't use the pool without purchasing one of your €3 swimming/shower caps. I was abruptly asked to leave by a man who I presume works for you (no uniform) and couldn't really explain why I was asked to exit the pool area?!2. The showers are filthy and not regularly enough cleaned, it would appear.3. Lockers and changing facilities need to be cleaned and spruced up to look like they've also been renovated recently. The gym looks amazing but the area in which you start and end is the worst impression.You've suggested on other reviews that you are appreciative of 5 star, positive reviews about your gym yet defensively replied or even ignored some others. That would put me off coming, knowing that management/whoever is replying to these comments aren't able to professionally take feedback and welcome amendments for the better, to better their venue for customers.This place has the potential to be amazing if the errors are appropriately fixed. I would gladly rejoin on my next holiday, post Covid.plus
Peter Schad
Peter Schad
09:42 28 May 20
Absolutely poor communication - said that they are going to re-open in June any you will have to do reservation via... phone but no one was reachable on phone for several hours (I called almost 32 times!). Also no communication via email about the closure, sorry but that's not the way treating paying members.plus
Lars Bröhne
Lars Bröhne
08:12 04 Dec 19
Large gym with classes
Lynn Higbee
Lynn Higbee
10:13 03 Dec 19
I like the gym. Its newly refurbished. great staff. One problem, today they decided to paint the columns, at s busy... morning. I had to cut my training session short, due to a severe headache by inhaling paint fumes whilst training, i love going there so can you please sort these issues out.. And please repair the treadmills that dont work.plus
Sexy Hexy
Sexy Hexy
17:42 10 Sep 18
I was there on vacation and I was very disappointed.Very expensive for an average gym and totally filthy and in bad... conditions!Wannabe luxury gym, which is very expensive and very dirty!There´re no Health Department that controls the gyms?plus
Saphira Höfer
Saphira Höfer
20:25 06 Aug 18
The gym is brillant, the spa area fantastic and everything is just great. And the best thing is, it is not expensive... 👍plus
a h
a h
12:28 30 Jul 18
👍👍A great gym, very nice people, a great view on the rooftop(to the palms, the wheel, amusement park... and the pool). There is a 25m swimming pool, and a warm jazzuci. It is very clear, everything is very modern. They have a sauna and great spa. The Trainers are very friendly and helpful. They have various gymnastic courses like body, pilates, jumping, gap, zumba, boxing, aquatraining and so on. For the men there are enough dumbbells and Training Equipment. We were there for holidays and enjoyed it a lot. 👍👍plus
Hans Jonasson
Hans Jonasson
17:32 11 Dec 17
I love this gym allot of classes machines pool and sauna.
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