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From Yorkshire, lives in Gran Canaria since 2002

If you have landed here then I welcome you to my very first Gran Canaria Regional blog. I really feel privileged to have been asked to do this and I can’t wait to share some insider knowledge of our wonderful Island of Gran Canaria with you.

A little about me – Nicky Hobson

My name is Nicky Hobson and I am from a small village in Yorkshire in the UK and my other half is from the huge, chaotic but wonderful city of Naples, Italy.

Add to the mix 2 crazy teenagers who have both grown up in Gran Canaria, they have truly immersed themselves in to the Canarian way of life. We have been very fortunate to live on the island since 2002 and after this lockdown of COVID19 it really makes it feel like my true home, more than anywhere else in the world.

Life on the island for expats is not always the holiday some people imagine. We work hard to make it work but we also love nothing more than exploring the island, eating and drinking and finding new places to visit as often as we can.

Covid 19 Lockdown in Gran Canaria

There has been a very strict lockdown here on the islands and we are now waiting to receive our very first tourists after almost 4 months of none. With Gran Canaria relying so heavily on tourism no one really knows how this is going to go or how long it will take to rebuild the economy again or get back to the kind of volume of tourists that we had here before.

Gran Canaria Blog by Nicky Hobson

The aim of my blog about Gran Canaria is to share some of the secret and more unknown places on the island and some of its wonderful and colourful residents. There are long time establishments that are going to have to make big changes and businesses are trying to come up with new and innovative ideas to move forward to what is being referred to as the ’new normal‘.

Reviewing Businesses

The first Listing I wrote was about one of my favourite places on Gran Canaria, the Finca La Laja & Bodega Los Berrazales in the Valley of Agaete.

I am really looking forward to sharing my stories, places and people with you. If you have a business that you think I should cover then please feel free to get in touch. Tell me what you think using the contact form below.

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