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Looks after the website and makes sure everything works smoothly

“Anabell and I have been neighbours for years, but we never had gone past the hello stage. I knew she was German and that she was fond of dogs. And that was it. It was only by chance that one day in 2017 we started talking with each other. It turned out she was somewhat of a programming, affiliate and SEO wizard. Exactly what I was looking for on the island!

Only a couple of days later we had our first meeting and decided that we would give our collaboration a test-trial and see where it took us. There was no looking back!  Anabell has an intuitive understanding what I would like to create, and has arsenal of tools to help along, where I get stuck. Since that day in November 2017, she has become a very important part of the Gran Canaria Regional team, looking after and improving daily our websites as well as our clients’ websites.” – Judith

Anabell, Programmer, SEOAnabell says:

Hi Hello, my name is Anabell, and I am from northern Germany. In 2007 I left  the cold far north of Europe for a life in the warm south of Gran Canaria. I love the great weather this island has to offer, the genuinely nice people and of course the big blue sea.

When I’m not working on websites, writing articles, programming or taking photos, I do a lot with my dog.

I am also a big fan of Spanish football, enjoy hiking and all kinds of leisure activities.

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Anabell Ditzel
Anabell – Germany written by Anabell Ditzel
Hello, my name is Anabell and I moved from the far north to Gran Canaria in 2007. I love the great weather, the nice people and of course the sea. When I'm not working on websites, programming or taking photos, I do a lot with my dog.

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