Cueva La Audiencia CAVE

Amazing virgin caves near Temisas, Aguïmes, Gran Canaria
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The Audiencia Cave near Temisas belonging to the municipality Aguïmes on Gran Canaria is a stunning surprise! The easy to medium trail takes you about 15-20 minutes to get to the cave, if you know how to find it! The path and entrance is not marked up and therefore also not very well known. But stunning once you arrive there.

Not easy to find!

We as a family went here for the first time in July 2020, all of us rather fit and daring. Four of us were looking for the entrance for 20 minutes, before my husband finally discovered it. The entrance is a carved door in the mountain and looks like this:

Once we walked through the entrance we saw two main caves with lots and lots of mini caves carved into the walls. We could not believe, how well preserved it all was. But be careful, there is no protection and some steep falls.

Walk Through Video

Here a short video on our Love Gran Canaria IGTV to peek what you will see once you have entered the cave. I could not believe it was just simply open and accessible to anyone.


How to get to the Audiencia Cave?

Head towards Temisas and Santa Lucia from Vecindario over Cruce de Arinaga. Just before Temisas you will see on the right hand side the kilometre 9 sign with a path right next to it, and arrows pointing towards Agüimes.

cueva la audiencia cave Gran Canaria

A few metres further on you will also see a bus stop on the right hand and the road will curve towards Temisas. Find a parking spot nearby and walk back to the km 9 spot, you see in the image above. Start walking up the path, littered with Canarian autochthonous flora of cactuses and shrubs. We were there in the middle of the day in July and sights were truly stunning.

After about 8 minutes or so, you arrive at a crossroads. The left path leading down to the valley and the right leading up to the mountain to your right. Take the right. After only a few minutes you will arrive at the ridge and there will be several different small paths.

You will not be able to see the entrance from here, so we have created this image which will hopefully help you find it.

cueva la audiencia cave Gran Canaria

The red dot is where the entrance to the cave is. Walk along the narrow path and within a couple of minutes the entrance will become visible to you.

Cueva de la Audiencia Cave Entrance

We have build a little stone figure. Let us know whether it is still there:

Within the cave is astonishing, It is unprotected and for me it felt ancient. There are two big caves connected with each other and many smaller caves looking as if they had been carved into the mountain. Inside the cave the air was fresh and a couple of times I found myself alone and had the eerie sensation that I was being watched. Strange.

A path to nowhere

cueva la audiencia cave Gran Canaria

At the end of the last cave steps are carved out, starting shoulder high. But it is impossible to climb up onto these steps from within. We were tired and it was very hot that day, so I could not convince my lot to climb to the top of the mountain and see where these steps are leading to. Will try that the next time.

On the way back we enjoyed the beautiful views over to Temisas and the sheer luxury of being able to explore these ancient Audiencia Caves all by ourselves.

TEMISAS cueva la audiencia cave Gran Canaria

You can click on our MAP to guide you there or alternatively; type Cueva de la Audiencia in your maps app. After the audiencia cave we recommend to visit the town square of Temisas and the Barranco de las Vacas canyon, which you pass on the way down to Vecindario. Ideal combination.

Author: Judith Schjorring

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  1. Nice pics  . Please remember that when you bild a stone totem like you did, you could be destroying the habitat of any insects or lizards, moreover those stones could have an archeological value that you ignore….. That is whay this practise is not allowed… 😉

  2. Sure. Always respect the surrundings.

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