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 Behind the Scenes of GC Regional


Judith Schjorring

Hi and welcome!  I am Judith, the founder and director of GC REGIONAL Marketing Agency specialised in multilingual online services. We run the Gran Canaria REGIONAL Guide with great passion, making it every day a little better. 

Let me give you a peek behind the scenes of the guide, by sharing what drives us in our mission and a brief explanation how we add business listings and why in our process

And, I would like to tell you a little about the wizards who are helping me build this site. I feel truly blessed to be able to count on these extraordinary and talented people as part of my reliable team.

The Guide – Our Mission

We are relentless in discovering the treasures of Gran Canaria.
We research, test and review. Then we recommend what is good and tell you why.

Our mission is to create a Regional Guide that brings people together, a virtual platform that engages, inspires and is truly helpful. And that in 10 languages.

Gran Canaria began as holidays, sea and fun for most of us and soon turned from a temporary residence into our permanent homes. Some of us were born here, left to discover the world and eventually returned to stay.

We love this island and we discover new aspects of it every day.

Now we share with you all that we know.

Our Process

Our passion for what we do transfers into our services.


First Contact Chat
A client, owner or a team member makes us aware of a business or product that needs to be included in our guides.

Ask Interview
We test the products or service, interview the owner, staff and clients to get an idea what the business stands for.

Our pictures and words talk of our impressions and what we found to be the best about a business or product.

Social Connections
We write for you to help you find services and products providing you with our own first hand impressions.


The Core Team

We are a small, international, talented and truly dedicated Team

We are working together on a daily basis, in constant contact during working hours over messenger apps and telephone. We meet up regularly for brainstorming and to discuss client projects. Each one of us actually works best alone, in their own working space and in their own time.

This modern way of getting things done just works out fantastically!
Contact us here for our services.

The Freelancers




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