Fox in a Box Escape Room

Två spännande Escape Rooms - Team Building och Familje-kul
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Fox in a Box Room Escape Gran Canaria – En rolig aktivitet för hela familjen och ligger i San Fernando de Maspalomas. Det finns 2 escape rooms för 2-6 personer.

Bägge rummen är välgjorda och riktigt spännande. Temat i det första handlar om att bryta sig ut ur fängelse, medan det andra går ut på att bryta sig in i en bank för att stjäla diamanter. 

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Fox in a Box Room Escape Gran Canaria

Fox in a Box Översikt

  • Tid: 60 min
  • Utskriven eller Mobil-biljett
  • Omgående bekräftelse
  • Kostnadsfri avbokning upp till 24h innan aktivitets-start


Du kan reservera din aktivitet med en deponering och betala resten vid start av aktiviteten. Att betala hela beloppet online sparar dig pengar då du bara behöver visa upp din biljett.

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Vad ingår:

  • Escape Room Tillgång
  • Uniformer
  • Speciella Verktyg
  • Instruktioner (Engelska & Spanska)
  • Game Master (Engelska & Spanska)
  • Hjälp av Game Master
  • Fotografering via Sociala Kanaler
  • Försäkring

Prislista & regler:

  • Priser per Rum & Antal personer
  • Du har 60 minuter att fly
  • Grupp på 2 – 3 pers  >> Från 50 €
  • Grupp på 4 pers  >>  Från 60 €
  • Grupp på 5 pers  >> Från 70 €
  • Grupp på 5 pers  >> Från  80 €


Vad du bör veta:

  • Ta med bekväma kläder
  • Läsglasögon
  • En flaska vatten
  • Minimum 2 personer per rum
  • Max 6 personer per rum
  • Möjlighet att boka 2 rum samtidigt
  • Panic Button i varje rum



  • Betala 100% är möjligt
  • Reservation med 20% deponering är möjligt
  • Full återbetalning vid avbokning 24 hours innan aktivitetsstart
  • Ombokning möjligt utan kostnad
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Reglerna för våra Escape Room

Reglerna är väldigt enkla: Hitta och lös gåtorna så snabbt som möjligt. Vanligtvis har du bara 60 minuter på dig.

Om du fastnar kan din game master ge dig ledtrådar för att komma vidare. Du behöver inte Heller oroa dig, I varje rum finns en panik-knapp som öppnar alla dörrar om någon drabbas av panik.

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Fox in a Box Gran Canaria
Baserat på 119 recensioner
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Jakub Šalagovič
Jakub Šalagovič
20:32 05 Oct 21
We did a few escape rooms before and we still were surprised after these ones. A bit different approach made it... interesting. Good puzzles and well moderated. English was not a problem.läs mer
Nikoletta Szabo
Nikoletta Szabo
17:36 01 Mar 20
First time but definitely not the last! Staff was very kind and professional and the rooms were very well made. Great... place to go and have fun with friends and/or family.läs mer
Christina Ankerhus Willumsen
Christina Ankerhus Willumsen
07:06 25 Feb 20
This was so much fun - for our family. Two adults and two children (age 12 and 15). Very friendly gamehost. We... understood everything in English (we are from Denmark). It was very fun and the challenge was spot on. I would like to come back and try another room.läs mer
Aideen Hoey
Aideen Hoey
16:52 06 Feb 20
Highly recommended this. The games are real brain teasers and the host is really nice and professional. You won't... regret it.läs mer
Niko Piirainen
Niko Piirainen
15:29 05 Jan 20
Very good place. Two rooms. Went them both and liked them both. Other ine u try to get out of jail and other u try to... get in and rob a bank. Maybe bank was little bit better. Guy behind the desk was nice and helpfull. Highly recommedläs mer
Aimee Vis
Aimee Vis
22:58 01 Jan 20
Very innovative rooms. We were a group of 10 and played both rooms. Especially the bank room was amazing. There were a... lot of different puzzles and technical tricks. 5 stars also for the very kind staffläs mer
Cinamon Van Austria
Cinamon Van Austria
09:40 14 May 19
It is a beautiful location without a doubt, but unfortunately does not live up to the standards expected. The cocktails... were not tasty, the waitress was literally not up to a proper job, though sweet. Extremely long waiting times on a normal evening during the week. Cannot recommend.läs mer
Jürgen Mulders
Jürgen Mulders
22:01 01 May 19
Very nice escape room and absolute fun to do! The owner is very polite but correct, in a funny way. An absolute... recommendation!läs mer
Benjamin Tvervik Solås
Benjamin Tvervik Solås
18:31 20 Mar 19
Great Escaperoom and really fun for both the children and adults. Big parking lot outside so easy to park the car.NB:... You have to book a place in advance or else they are probably closed. This should be informed better as we arrived one night and they were closed when we found this out.läs mer
Jason bruce
Jason bruce
10:49 17 Mar 19
As quite an experienced gamer, (approximately 50 played), I would thoroughly recommend Fox in a box Gran Canaria, my... wife and I, were so impressed with the first room we came back the next day to play the other, both rooms are well designed and have some wonderful ideas throughout, and the host's were very nice as well. Well worth a visit.läs mer
10:39 02 Mar 19
This escape room was so great! We did both rooms they offer (prison break and back job). Prison break was is the easier... room if you are looking for one and prison break was actually quite challenging and we go to alot of rooms. Finished both in 50 minutes but had to use clues on the bank job. Highly recommend visiting while in gran canaria!!!läs mer
Martin King
Martin King
09:42 04 Feb 19
This was by far the most challenging and interesting Escape Rooms game I have done. Really enjoyed it and I would... highly recommend anyone to do it.Booking was very efficient and Ivana, our host on the day was amazing. She explained everything in detail. Great team you have there!!!!! #FIABläs mer
Alexander Laxgang
Alexander Laxgang
08:55 25 Dec 16
Great funny game that can be so complicated that it's frustrating.From the outside it looks like a normal garage, but... after you have chosen an game, you get an short fictional story of how you came in the room(s) and what's your goal you want to get to. You get 60 minutes to go throw the challenging and tricky tasks. Here it's important to think about every possibility, no matter how pointless it sounds. The more you go throw the task, you'll notice how important team work is. So everyone should search for the solution, as not to lose time. You'll get many, many help cards and sometimes they give you a totally different way of thinking. And get you frustrating. And you might feel dump, because you didn't thought about the, sometimes very easy way, they explain, but as the seller said, it's normal for an typical first time gamer. For us it was too hard, because we needed to much time for the first task. I hope you'll do it better.läs mer
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