Barranco de Azuaje Ravine

Barranco de Azuaje, Firgas, Gran Canaria
  • Medium Difficulty
  • Outdoors
  • Parking dans la Rue
  • Visite guidée

The Azuaje Ravine, or Barranco de Azuaje in Spanish

Is a stunningly green, protected landscape in the north of Gran Canaria near Firgas. Many Canarian residents and turists alike don’t even know about the existence of this uniquely stunning ravine, and will never discover its beauty unless part of a trekking group that offers tours to hidden gems of the island.

Barranco de Azuaje, Gran Canaria, Spain

About Azuaje

The ruin, located at the car park, used to be a famous bath connected to a hotel in the 1900s. The first tourists visited this hotel and spa from the north of Europe, where the waters were rumored to have curative and healing properties.

Whilst the old spa now lies dry, the Azuaje Ravine has water running through all year round. The steepness of the ravine walls makes it the deepest ravine in the north of Gran Canaria. The presence of the running water all year round, and the sheer walls that limit natural light, produce an abundance of unique plant and tree life. As such this gorgeous ravine with its extraordinary biological wealth has been declared a Nature Reserve and is a Special Conservation Area.

The Azuaje Ravine forms a natural border between the towns of Firgas and Moya. Like many of Gran Canarias’ ravines, the Azuaje Ravine starts in the peaks, and ends at the sea. At the start of the Azuaje Ravine in the highland peaks, the ravine has an altitude of 1620metres. From there the ravine descends into a canyon with impressive 100metre high walls. Parts of the ravine are followed by beautiful little cascades and running water, perfect photo opportunities!

Barranco de Azuaje, Gran Canaria, Spain

How to get to the Azuaje Ravine

If you are driving, the Azuaje Ravine can be accessed from the road that runs between the two towns of Firgas and Moya. An old viaduct bridge connects the mountains of these two towns. The bridge provides an idyllic resting spot, perfect for photo opportunities and light exploration before continuing on to the Azuaje Ravine.

There are bus services that can drop you at the town of Firgas, or tours you may join to explore the Azuaje Ravine.

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 Barranco de Azuaje

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