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Mette is a hands-on person, who can a do a bit of everything. But photography and glass art is her passion.

”Mette contacted me in April 2018, applying for the position as a blogger about Gran Canaria, sending in her first article accompanied with some absolutely fantastic photographs. We published it straight away – the best sunset spots on Gran Canaria.

When we met up for the first time, I immediately knew she would fit perfectly into our growing team, as the hands-on person, who can do a bit of everything. It is partly Mette’s doing, that we have a Danish section of the website nowadays. ”Judith

Mette says:

Mette - photographerHi Hi, my name is AnneMette Madsen and I’m from Denmark. From an early age I knew that travelling was going to be a big part of my life.

So, before arriving here in Gran Canaria, my journey took me to the USA, New Zealand, Australia, Greece, England and finally to Scotland. I was living in Scotland for lots of years, where I worked as a chef and run my own stained-glass art business.

In April 2015 I left Scotland and came to live in Gran Canaria.  It was a good sign for me, when within the first week I found a job and a permanent place to live for one year.

Gran Canaria has it all for my point of view

  • Lovely Landscape
  • Big waves for surfing
  • Hours of road trip running along beautiful scenery.
  • Sandy beaches
  • And so much more (that you just have to come and see for yourself)

Gran Canaria Sunset - View Teide.

Photography is my passion

Photographing is a big hobby of mine. In the morning I jump out of bed, ready to take pictures of what I see. On the right a picture from the Wind and Wave Festival in Pozo Izquierdo in 2018

I have no specific style as such, when it comes to taking pictures, I just have to capture the moments that manifest right in front of me.

I take the pictures to make time stand still – just for a moment. Most of my pictures are from Gran Canaria because that is where I live. My biggest project is to show that Gran Canaria is more than just a sandy beach.

Making Art and Craft

And of course, there is my second hobby which is making glass art mainly out of sea glass. Back in 2004 in Scotland, I discovered this form glass art and have been an aficionado ever since! Going to the beach an gather pieces of sea glass pieces, is simply the best way to end my day. My home is full of art and craft projects. Life is good in Gran Canaria!

ACTIVITIES – What to Do in Gran Canaria
Mette – Denmark written by Mette Madsen
Hello, I'm AnneMette and originally from Denmark. I moved down to Gran Canaria in 2015 from the cold and rainy but lovely Scotland so I could get a better picture of the sun.

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