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Event Guide, Author & Translator
From Gran Canaria, 18 years in the UK, returned in 2013.

Juan Perdomo, Event GuideMy name is Juan, I am the Event guide and Spanish translator.  I was born in Gran Canaria, although I have lived many years abroad. My story is somewhat similar to that of Judith and Craig, but in the opposite way.

At the early age of 18, I left the island to study in the UK where once I finished my studies I decided to stay and work there. Interestingly, when I was living abroad I realized the little paradise this island was. Even coming to Gran Canaria every two months to visit my family, I planned in advance things I was going to do and which places to visit.

Enjoying one of the many fiestas on Gran Canaria

I tried to do so much in 7 days…I wanted to visit places on the island where I had never been before even knowing where they were. I wanted to enjoy the canarian food, the sea, all the different ”fiestas” at the old villages…

Sometimes I think that living abroad for so many years is what made ​​me appreciate this wonderful island even more.

My Time Spent In The UK

As you read this, I am sure it is a little difficult to understand why I spent 18 years in the UK. When I finished my studies I got offered different jobs with big companies with a promising career development and that is why I decided to stay over there. But as I said earlier, I always came to visit the island one week every two months.

My friends in England, always wondered about the island, and asked me about the different places etc.  For me one of the most characteristic and difficult things to explain is the air you breathe in the island.

I remember every time I landed on the island and the plane doors opened, I could feel the unique and exclusive breeze we have in Gran Canaria; Humid and warm at the same time. I always tried to explain the feeling to my friends abroad but it is an experience you will only understand when in the island.

I also worked as Cabin Crew for a number of years, and during the quick turnarounds in Gran Canaria, I used to stand on the rear steps of the plane enjoying the sun and breathing its distinctive air.

My Return To Gran Canaria

In May 2013, I decided to come back and stay in Gran Canaria for good. At first I was a little bit scared, just because I thought it would be like going back to the future. Since everything would obviously be different than when I left to live abroad. I have been a year on the island now, and time has passed so quickly. I love my island, its beaches, its places, its festivals.

Natural pools on the Island

I met Judith through a friend and after learning everything about her project, and most of all her love for Gran Canaria, I decided to join her and her team.

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Juan – Gran Canaria written by Judith
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