Patrick – England

Translator & Proofreader
English teacher and translator, lives in the north of Spain.

Patrick translator„I met Patrick online, when I was recruiting translators for GRAN CANARIA REGIONAL. He is from the UK and runs an English school for Spanish natives on main-land Spain. 

When we started talking I got curious and hired him for a test assignment. Patrick proved to be a very effective translator, flexible and reliable. 

Soon we connected over our team messenger groups and he became our main English translator and proofreader.  The whole team asks him for advice when we are unsure about our English formulations. He also contributes articles to our Blog“ – Judith

A few pics of Patrick

Patrick McGrath Hi Hi, I’m Patrick, and have been living on the Spanish mainland with my family since 1993.

When I first heard about it, I was very happy to accept Judith’s proposal to help out in the GRAN CANARIA REGIONAL project.

Originally from London, I settled with my family firstly on the Costa Brava and more recently here in Galicia where we find life is idyllic and quiet. I like helping people with English, and I try to teach it in a modern way using technology as a base to connect with learners.

In my spare time, I am a big music fan, searching for great songs and artists. As I live by the coast, my family and I often walk around and visit local landmarks with our dogs, especially when the weather is good!

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Patrick – England geschrieben von Patrick McGrath
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