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Michael began collaborating in 2016. Currently our main German translator and proofreader.

Michael Translator„I met Michael in 2015 at a business conference in Maspalomas. Since we are both from Vienna, and from the same generation, we immediately had a lot to talk about.

We realized we were working on similar projects, just in different countries and we figured we could help each other.

As an English teacher he had an excellent feel and understanding of the English language. Soon after Michael contributed a few articles in German and English to the Gran Canaria Regional. In 2017 Michael became our main German-English translators and proof reader.“Judith

Michael says:

Hi Hi, I am Michael form Austria. For 20 years I have been coming to Gran Canaria on holidays two or three times per year. Michael The climate, the sea, the completely different lifestyle compared to the life in Vienna and some really good friends are the main reasons why this island just didn’t let go of me.

Each time it was a little more difficult to leave. Eventually I decided I needed to live here. In 2017 I finally took the leap of faith and moved over here. I found a beautiful apartment in Playa del Ingles with a fantastic view over Maspalomas, the dunes and the sea. Maspalomas is my favourite spot in the south.

But I also love the beautiful capital city Las Palmas, with its numerous town squares, small alleys, good bars and marvellous city beaches. Gran Canaria has the sea, beaches, mountains, old villages, the capital with its beaches and cultural offers – all combine to my favourite place in the world.

Unfortunately at the beginning of 2018 I had to go back to Vienna for private reasons but I am confident that soon I will be back here and stay.

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Michael – Austria geschrieben von Michael
Seit 20 Jahren komme ich zwei- oder dreimal im Jahr in den Ferien nach Gran Canaria. Eines Tages hoffe ich, für immer hier zu leben.

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