Jacob – Denmark

Co-Founder & CFO
Jacob has been living on Gran Canaria since 1995

Jacob CFO„Jacob is, besides my beloved husband, the co-owner and CFO at Gran Canaria Regional. Although GCR is really my baby, Jacob is supporting me through thick and thin, especially when things do not run quite as fast as I would like them to do.

He is a great support when it comes to taking difficult decisions. Patient enough to talk things through and willing to carry the burden with me, even though he has a very demanding day job himself. 

Jacob is in charge of the finances, calculating that everything adds up, and making sure that our investments pay off in the long run. Glad to have him on board.“Judith

Jacob Says:

Hi Hi, I am Jacob and I am from Denmark. I came the first time to Gran Canaria in October 1993, to work here for one winter season. Then I came back for another winter season in 1994. That was to be my last one before returning back home to Denmark.

In March 1995 I met Judith and stayed on the island because of her.  🙂  With time Gran Canaria grew on me and I learned to really appreciate its mild weather and the numerous hidden treasures.

Today I am really glad I did stay. The island has become my home, and Denmark a place where I take my kids on holidays.

When Judith first talked about starting an online-guide, I was excited and gave her my full support.

It has been a roller-coaster ride with lots of ups and a few downs. But I am impressed how far we have come and to see Judith’s vision manifest in such a fantastic and impressive way. Just shows that hard work does pays off.

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Jacob – Denmark geschrieben von Judith
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