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There is not a Spanish word which is being posted out there on the world wide web, without Encarna proof-reading it first...

„Encarna joined me as one of the first freelancers. She is reliable and meticulous and gradually became an important part of the team as time moved on. Keeping an overview of who is doing what, making sure that things are getting done, elaborating statistics and organizing the numerous translations are a few of her main tasks. 

And, there is not a Spanish word which is being posted out there on the world wide web, without Encarna proof-reading it first. Great team-player.“Judith


Hi Hi, I am Encarna. I am Canarian by birth and also Canarian by heart. The capital city Las Palmas is where I grew up.

I love Gran Canaria and I love all the Canary Islands in general. There is no place better to live than here, in my opinion. As much as I can enjoy to go and explore other countries with my family, it is always great to come back home.

As a good islander that I am, I love the sea. Just sitting at the peer watching the waves and feeling the breeze while listening to the relaxing sound of the waves is all I need at the end of busy day.

Gran Canaria is well known for its friendly and welcoming people, and it makes me happy to part of this heritage. I adore the varied landscapes, from the most paradisiacal to the most rural,  busy capital  city life to completely deserted places which very few have discovered.

The mild climate all year round that invites you to go out, enjoy is a quality of life I do not want to be without. And of course, I love Canarian food! Canarian potatoes with Mojo, the famous papas arrugadas, and Sancocho, a typical salty fish dish, are my favorites.

In general, I feel truly blessed that I am living her. Simply said, I love Gran Canaria!

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Encarna – Gran Canaria geschrieben von Encarna
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