Privat Yacht Charter Puerto de Mogán

Exklusiv yachttur längs Gran Canarias sydkust
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Denna privata yachtcharter börjar och slutar i hamnen i Puerto de Mogán. Men vi har privat yachtcharter från alla hamnar på södra Gran Canaria. Det finns två olika turer tillgängliga. En 5-timmars rundtur eller en 3-timmars rundtur. Någon av dem kan du boka på morgonen eller eftermiddagen. Många bokar eftermiddagsturerna för att njuta av solnedgången från det öppna havet. Denna yacht har en kapacitet på 12 personer.

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Privat yacht charter biljett översikt

  • Längd: 3 eller 5 timmar beroende på val av kryssning
  • Utskriven biljett eller mobilbiljett
  • Omedelbar bekräftelse
  • Gratis avbokning upp till 48 timmar innan aktiviteten börjar

Vad ingår?

  • Mat & dryck
  • Alla avgifter och skatter
  • Försäkring
  • Hotel Transfer i Maspalomas & Mogán-områdena

Start Times Privat Yacht Charter

  • Tillgänglig 7 dagar i veckan
  • 10:00h
  • 15:00h

Priser och regler:

  • Kapacitet: 12 personer ombord
  • Morgon – och eftermiddagsturer
  • Timhyra: 180€ (vänligen ring +34 649 962 075)
  • 4,5 timmar Yacht Charter från 699€
  • 3 timmar Yacht Charter från 499€
  • Privat resa för speciella ändamål möjlig
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Vad ska du ta med dig?

  • Baddräkt
  • Handdukar
  • Solkräm
  • Hatt eller keps


  • Förskottsbetalning i sin helhet är möjlig.
  • Bokning med deposition är möjlig
  • Full återbetalning för avbokningar 48 timmar innan aktiviteten börjar
  • Denna aktivitet är väderberoende.
  • Full återbetalning vid avbokning på grund av dåligt väder.
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Privat yacht charter beskrivning

Den privata Yacht Charter seglar varje dag från Puerto de Mogán. Det finns ett antal möjligheter att njuta av det öppna havet och lugnet runt Gran Canarias sydkust. Du kommer att kunna se några fantastiska platser på Gran Canarias sydkust, som bara kan nås med båt.

Två kryssningar är tillgängliga varje dag med en 5-timmars kryssning som avgår på morgonen klockan 10.00 eller kl. 15.00. Om 5 timmar är för långa för dig, är 3 timmars kryssningar också tillgängliga.

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Du kommer att kunna koppla av ombord och se Gran Canaria från ett helt annat perspektiv. Med denna kryssning kommer du att njuta av en minnesvärd dag och en underbar upplevelse i det bästa företaget. Ta in det avkopplande ljudet av vågorna och havsbrisens friskhet medan du drar nytta av solens strålar, som ligger på det bekväma däcket. Låter inte det underbart?

Kryssningen tar dig till de mest otroliga platserna längs Gran Canarias kust, och du har speciella tillfällen att ta bilder från enastående utsiktspunkter. Du kommer att upptäcka de vackraste platserna på Gran Canaria som bara en kryssning kan erbjuda. Lev upplevelsen av det fria havet, lämna dina bekymmer bakom dig och kom och ha en fantastisk tid!

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Vad kunderna säger

19:27 29 May 24
Truly amazing experience with Manolo & his wife! We saw loads of Dolphins, had an amazing and comfortable stay on board with a very nice little Spanish-style snack-buffet and a great swimming/snorkeling experience. Absolutely worth every euro!
It was a beautiful trip, we saw a lot of dolphins and Manolo explained which dolphins we saw.We was on our boat with 5 other pairs and so it was a exclusive trip. I would recommend it to everyone who wants a semi private trip
Marc Gossage
Marc Gossage
18:51 13 May 24
It was very choppy and I felt a bit seasick on the way back, meaning I couldn't enjoy the snorkeling. But that isn't the owners fault and I expect there are calmer days.The food was great and we got real close to the dolphins for a good amount of time. Much better than the (cheaper) large ferries in the area, that fly in and fly out in seconds.Would recommend.
Alzbeta Hamrova
Alzbeta Hamrova
07:52 26 Mar 24
We had a great time! The boat was nice, we saw bottlenose dolphins and pilot whales, although it took a while to find them. The food was as advertised and it was a nice addition to the trip. Thank you for the beautiful experience!
13:43 26 Dec 23
We took a boat trip and saw lots of dolphins—such a beautiful sight! They even followed our boat, which was amazing.After dolphin watching, we went snorkeling in the crystal-clear water. Then we had lunch.Suggestions for improvement:1: When we got on board, there wasn't a warm welcome, just a quick 'Good morning' before starting.2: They didn't give any safety instructions or show us where to find life jackets, which worried us.3: Lunch was served fast, but we wished they told us how long we could swim and eat. By the time we finished swimming, lunch was gone. So please communicate well about how long swimming and lunch will takeOther than that, it was great. I do recommend.
Paul Grace
Paul Grace
08:41 26 Nov 23
Thoroughly enjoyed our trip with Manolo and Minerva. Very professional, very organised, and very experienced. And to spend a few minutes (it seemed much longer) with a large group of dolphins around and (literally) under the boat as we all were captivated and entranced … that was a once in a lifetime experience for me. Just experience and binoculars, Manolo told me later, and as with all wild creatures, sometime you find them and sometimes you don’t. They did find them for us - and the memories will last a lifetime! And that’s what makes this trip so special. Thank you both for a fantastic experience.
Zoe Tippett
Zoe Tippett
13:56 23 Sep 23
Fantastic day. Left at 9:30am and saw dolphins by 10am! Had about 30 minutes of seeing dolphins. We then saw sharks, flying fish and a turtle! Unfortunately, there are no whales, but we did see two mako sharks. Highly recommend. The owners were absolutely lovely and gave us a perfect spot for swimming and provided body boards and floats.
Mateusz O.
Mateusz O.
15:56 21 Sep 23
Our experience with Blue M Boat Trips was nothing short of incredible, and I'm excited to share our fantastic adventure with you. This boat trip took us on a journey across the ocean, providing us with the unique opportunity to encounter dolphins, turtles, and more, making it an unforgettable experience.One of the highlights of this excursion was the chance to see dolphins and turtles in their natural habitat. The crew was incredibly skilled at locating these majestic creatures, and it was a true delight to watch them playfully swim alongside our boat. The sight of dolphins leaping out of the water and turtles gracefully gliding beneath the surface left us in awe of the wonders of the ocean.Another delightful aspect of the trip was the stop for a swim in the crystal-clear waters of the ocean. The crew ensured our safety and comfort, allowing us to take a refreshing dip in the sea. It was a magical moment, and the perfect opportunity to cool off and enjoy the beautiful surroundings.The boat crew's hospitality and professionalism deserve special mention. They went above and beyond to make us feel welcome and ensure our enjoyment throughout the journey. Their knowledge of the marine life and the local area added depth to the experience as they shared interesting insights and stories.In terms of cost, the price of 75 euros per person may seem a bit steep, but I can confidently say that it's worth every penny. The experience, the encounters with marine life, and the attentive crew make it a value-packed adventure.In conclusion, Blue M Boat Trips offers a remarkable journey that combines the thrill of wildlife encounters, the beauty of the open ocean, and the warmth of a welcoming crew. If you're considering a boat trip in the area, don't hesitate to choose Blue M. It's an experience you'll cherish forever, and the memories will stay with you long after the journey ends.
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