Spiaggia Anfi e Sport Acquatici

Sabbia morbida Caraibica, Acqua calma, Sport acquatici di alto livello

La Spiaggia Anfi con la sua sabbia bianca Caraibica è una delle spiagge più popolari sia tra le persone del posto e che tra i turisti. Grazie all’ampia scelta di sport acquatici è anche preferita da coloro che amano le attività acquatiche.

La Spiaggia Anfi ha tutto!

La Spiaggia Anfi ha proprio tutto! Diversi ristoranti, negozi, supermarket, cafés, docce e bagni nei paraggi. Ampia scelta di ombrelloni e sdraio da affittare. Un campo da beach-volley, area relax su un’isola a forma di cuore, ombre offerte dalle palme, un porto per gli yacht e ovviamente un’incredibile scelta di sport acquatici:

Anfi Water Sports

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Water Sports Offer: Sun Pack Anfi del Mar Beach

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Anfi Beach
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Andrei. meschuga
Andrei. meschuga
22:11 11 Sep 20
Beautiful place, but to many rules. I head that ....prisoner feeling
Alex Mija
Alex Mija
16:07 30 Aug 20
One of the nicest beach in Gran Canaria. Amazing sand and turquoise water. A must see even if it is small and bay like
laura bordon
laura bordon
13:16 16 Jul 20
A delightful time. Clean and relaxing water, the sand isn’t sticky, no big waves, rocks or anything to disturb the... sea’s tranquility. Restaurants and ice cream shops nearby. Truly recommend. Amazing views, not too crowded either. Overall a great place to go for a swim. Cute, tall and bright palm tress🌴🌞Only thing is you have to leave the beach before 8 pm.Riquiiiiiiiisisisisisma, muy recomendable.leggi di più
Jason Bartlett
Jason Bartlett
16:21 06 Mar 20
Really like this beach, very busy at weekends but in the week it's not so bad. The sea is calmed by the surrounding bay... so nice to swim in if you don't like too many wavesleggi di più
Steph Powell
Steph Powell
19:05 20 Nov 19
Honestly the best place in the world. Have been going for 10 years with 5 other members of my family. Over the years we... brought other members out and now 21 of us go every year. They've all bought time shares also. This place never gets boring, always has new things to try, people are always friendly which isn't always a given being Black and the weather is always perfect. I truly love Anfi. It's my pride and joy. Also the apartments are just gorgeous. Truly 5*leggi di più
Anthony Spence
Anthony Spence
08:43 10 Nov 19
It was all Anfi, lovely & relaxing, free to use the beach but you rented the beach chairs & umbrellas as you would... expect. Clean. Other entertainment availableleggi di più
Jon Marsh
Jon Marsh
22:23 24 Oct 19
Nice beach - busy - very calm sea. Good water sports options. Generally the restaurants along here are pretty good.... They have fun for the kids at 8pmleggi di più
Fiona Kendall
Fiona Kendall
12:18 09 Oct 19
Amazing apart - hotel. Great facilities and apartments with everything you work would need for a great holiday. The... weather is good too!leggi di più
Kerli Peterson
Kerli Peterson
03:34 08 Oct 19
Beautiful softest beach on the island with sand imported from Caribbean coasts. Although the quality of the water has... gone down compared to 5 years ago. The eating around the promenade is a little more expensive than regular restaurant, it is caused by the location though.leggi di più
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