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« Marzella I met on a Mind Training course by the Monroe Institute back in 2010. Within five days we became the best of friends, with parallels in our lives as if we were twin sisters. When I started the first version of this guide, Marzella immediately offered to help. So for the first few years Marzella did all the German translations. »Judith

Marzella Says:

Marzella Arlt, Gran CanariaHello, my name is Marzella Arlt and I am currently living in Cologne, Germany, where I work full-time as a non-medical practitioner for psychotherapy.

Until 2014 I still lived with my family in Mallorca, before we moved back to Cologne.

I visited Judith in 2011 and came to to Gran Canaria without any expectations – at least I assumed that the island would not be so different from Mallorca.

You can probably imagine my astonishment when I stepped out of the plane and looked around. Gran Canaria was different! So completely different than Mallorca. I searched for the green areas, the numerous oleander shrubs, the Algarova trees. But I searched in vain.

You either like Gran Canaria or you don’t!

Judith told me that Gran Kanaria polarises very much – either you liked the island or you did not! I wondered what effect the island would have on me once I saw it.

She guided me around and showed me some beautiful areas, being the perfect hostess. Just to see the big banana trees in her garden, I thought it was great! An excursion into the sand dunes, which seems to stretch endlessly, impressed me deeply. I’m up the dunes without shoes and have easily burned the soles of my feet … I will not repeat this mistake! Sitting on top of one of these huge dunes is a sublime feeling!

Maspalomas Dunes

Suddenly it did not matter to me if the island was green, brown or dry. I found it fascinating and was positively surprised how different it was from my expectations. I got to see the capital city and try the Canarian food – simply delicious! Local products, whether fish, meat or vegetarian – I very much enjoyed anything I tasted.

Marzella in Las Palmas

The island is different, it may even polarize. The people are friendly and caring. In addition to some building eyesores , there are beautiful villages whose original character has been preserved.

I have seen a lot, made comparisons between Mallorca and Gran Canaria and can understand why many people have chosen this island as their home. I will definitely be back and am glad to help in any way I can.

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Marzella – Austria & Croatia written by Marzella Arlt
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