Laser-Kampf Gran Canaria

Genießen Sie mehr als 10 verschiedene Spiele mit einem Laser-Tag-System der neuesten Generation
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  • Private Parking

Englisch Der R-LeitfadenEin weiteres MUST DO auf Gran Canaria: die LASER COMBAT Spielhalle in Bahia Feliz, Maspalomas. Das brandneue und geräumige Laserdom ist Teil des Hangar 37 Airsoft-Themenparks. Das innovative Laser-Tag-System der neuesten Generation bietet großen Spaß für alle Altersgruppen und ermöglicht es Ihnen, einen authentischen galaktischen Kampf in einer Halle voller Spezialeffekte und Sounds zu erleben.

Laser-Dome Kampf Hangar 37
Laser Kampf Hangar 37 – Bahia Feliz

LASER COMBAT – Ticketübersicht

  • Dauer: 1 oder 2 Stunden
  • Gedrucktes oder mobiles Ticket
  • Sofortige Bestätigung
  • Kostenlose Stornierung bis 48 h vor Aktivitätsbeginn

Was ist enthalten:

  • Eingang zum LASERDOM
  • Alle notwendigen Ausrüstung
  • Englische oder Spanische Anleitung
  • Desinfizierte Geräte (Covid 19 Sicherheitsmaßnahmen)
  • Kanarische-Residenten Rabatt (Mit Ausweis)


  • Montags geschlossen
  • Wochentags: 15:00 – 20:00h
  • Sa & So: 10:00 – 20:00h

Preise & Regeln:

  • Vorherige Reservierung erforderlich
  • Mindestalter: 7 Jahre
  • Mindestens 6 Spieler
  • Maximal 12 Spieler
  • Ab 18 € pro Person (alle Altersgruppen gleicher Preis)
  • Resident Discount verfügbar (Ausweis vorzeigen)

Was Sie wissen sollten:

  • Grundlegendes Englisch oder Spanisch erforderlich
  • Geschlossene Schuhe mitbringen
  • Sie können Speisen und Getränke vor Ort kaufen
  • Bushaltestelle direkt vor der Tür (lesen Sie unten)


  • Bahia Feliz
  • Treffpunkt: Rezeption Hangar 37
  • Kostenlose Privatparkplätze an der Rezeption
  • Nächste Bushaltestelle: Karting Tarajalillo
  • Buslinien: 1, 25, 36


  • 100% bezahlen ist möglich
  • 30% Anzahlung ist möglich
  • Reservierung mit Anzahlung ist möglich
  • Volle Rückerstattung bis 48 Stunden vor Aktivitätsbeginn

LASER COMBAT Beschreibung

Die Macher des AIRSOFT BATTLE FIELD haben es wieder getan und einen hochmodernen Laserdome für Adrenalinjäger geschaffen. Wir haben hier mehrmals gespielt und es gefällt uns immer wieder. Und damit meine ich jedes Mitglied unserer Gruppe vom 8-Jährigen bis zum mittleren Alter.

Laser-Dome Kampf Hangar 37

Vorherige Reservierung

Anders als an anderen Orten, buchen Sie das Laserdrom stündlich und nur nach vorheriger Reservierung, so dass die Jungs die Zeit haben, das Halle für Sie vorzubereiten. Sie können entweder eine 1-stündige oder eine 2-stündige Sitzung online buchen. Damit die Aktivität stattfinden kann, müssen mindestens 6 Plätze gebucht sein. Sie können natürlich auch die Halle für 4 Spieler buchen, aber Sie müssen trotzdem für 6 bezahlen.

Wenn Sie bereits für eine Airsoft-Schlacht im Hangar 37 sind, können Sie sich natürlich einer bestehenden Gruppe anschließen, wenn noch Plätze frei sind. Nur 12 Spieler sind damals im Raum zugelassen.

Ein Laser-Spiel-Master wird erklären, wie alles funktioniert und welche Art von Games Sie spielen können. Je mehr Leute mitspielen, desto mehr Spaß macht es.

Laser-Dome Kampf Hangar 37
Instruktor erklärt Laser-Kampftaktiken

Gute Aktivität bei jedem Wetter

Die Innen-Aktivität macht den LASER COMBAT perfekt für jedes Wetter auch an den wenigen Regentagen, die wir hier auf Gran Canaria haben. Da der Raum voll klimatisiert ist, können Sie leicht 1 oder 2 Stunden hier beim Laser kämpfen mit Freunden und Familie verbringen.

Weitere Aktivitäten auf Gran Canaria:

Was die Leute sagen

Hangar 37
Basierend auf 1246 Rezensionen
Jurga Mekaite
Jurga Mekaite
22:50 08 Apr 23
I liked the installation, old planea, old cars, bunkers etc. the equipment and the clothes were of good quality. The bullets don’t hurt, unless something shoots you from too close
17:41 05 Mar 23
Always wanted to play airsoft, and this place didn't let me down.Friendly staff, (most) people call when they are shot and really affordable
Kim Bischot
Kim Bischot
11:18 11 Nov 22
Very cool people. Had the location all to ourselves (2 people) and it was great fun. We could stay as long as we liked and even got some extra stuff.
Reinier Blankenvoort
Reinier Blankenvoort
16:16 05 Nov 22
We had a great time with our group. (Trust Nobody podcast) We had the airsoft and lasergame for ourselves. Great terrain for airsoft. Lasergame a bit small for a big group.
So much fun, and great setup. We Will for sure come back, thank you for a great time at Hangar 37
Dagnija Brante
Dagnija Brante
11:20 02 Aug 22
My son enjoyed every single minute. Staff is kind and welcoming. Fair prices - for a day entrance + additional 350 balls he had enough for at least 4h play. Thank You
Max Muster
Max Muster
20:14 24 Jun 22
We played there, was very fun and we received all the required equipment for very fair prices. The staff was very friendly and also helped me to get my things back which i forgo there. I recommend this place for 100%Cheers
Jon Barry
Jon Barry
11:26 14 Jun 22
Sadly due to carnival time the site was really quiet.The site looks great though, and sure it would be great for a normal GameDay.
Nicholas Nelson
Nicholas Nelson
16:01 11 Jun 22
Went to hangar 37 earlier today with my girlfriend, great atmosphere, great staff and great games. Much better than air-soft in the UK.Would highly recommend dressing in light clothing when attending.Thanks
Fabian Konken
Fabian Konken
09:16 07 Sep 20
Very nice designed battlefield for airsoft games. Good concept with open round games. My only wish, please repeat commands in english, because not every tourist speaks spanish 🙂
572617 1626
572617 1626
15:08 05 Aug 20
More funner than paintballing
Don Carleone
Don Carleone
23:57 12 Mar 20
Great experience with fair prices !
Jamie Macleod
Jamie Macleod
12:05 26 Feb 20
Fantastic experience, very easy to get set up and had a lot of fun!There's a great cafe with good food.You can play all day for the price of entry, so very good value for money!
uhf satcom-m0eyt
uhf satcom-m0eyt
19:47 19 Feb 20
Really great day out, they provide everything! We went with the kids aged 12 and 17 and they absolutely loved it.
Nicole Koren
Nicole Koren
10:05 26 Jan 20
My 12-year-old son had a great time here and as a parent it wasn't a bad place to hang out, have lunch and watch the games with a beer in the sun. The staff is very professional and friendly - they do their best to make sure everyone (even different ages and skill levels) are having fun. Very well-run and clean place. Very well designed - even down to the toilet signs with figures holding machine guns. We will be back!
Paul Oberle
Paul Oberle
19:27 13 Jan 20
Tons of fun. Awesome setup. Great airsoft experience.
Stephen Morgan
Stephen Morgan
13:16 01 Jan 20
This is must do while your in Gran Canaria. Great value for money, 3 x adults played for about 5hrs, the game area and design is amazing, a new game starts every 10mims, you can rest inbetween games, have drinks and food in the cafe the battles from a high view point...great helpful staff all speak English and the equipment is clean and the guns are high spec....overall fantastic experience..
Robin Brown
Robin Brown
12:09 28 Dec 19
Fantastic experience friendly people good kit to use unbelievable site with good fast games good onsite restaurantCan't wait to go back
Cristian Bernal
Cristian Bernal
14:42 28 Nov 19
Best personal. Wonderful experiense. I recomend it to all who want to be kids for a couple of hours.
M3S0P0T4M1C4 .
M3S0P0T4M1C4 .
16:12 22 Sep 19
A must if you visit Gran Canaria. The staff are super lovely and friendly and even if there is only 1 or 2 English speakers in the team, they make sure they are involved in conversations. The canteen is great, prices very reasonable especially compared to UK (better venue and cheaper with superior experience)
Letsrockthis game
Letsrockthis game
09:08 05 Sep 19
It was my first time playing this game. It was really nice to experience. Some of the people there playing, have their own outfits and weapons. And they take the game serious. But as a newbie it is fun to do as well. The crew speaks english and are friendly. You get a gun and outfit at the reception for 25 euros. The ammunition is certainly enough. I played for 3,5 hours and i still had ammo left. I recommend this location even if you are not into shooting games.
Adrian Manship
Adrian Manship
08:08 21 Aug 19
Friendly, especially kid friendly. Relatively inexpensive if you stay a few hours. Plenty of staff, safety is their primary concern. Good equipment, nice playing area, large shower / changing areas, clean modern toilets and even the little cantine is very good
Dejan Braki
Dejan Braki
22:40 23 Jul 19
Fantastic experience. For 25 euros you can play 5 hrs, from 3 to 8 pm. But beware, you have to be in good physical condition.Excellent and very interesting and thrilling time spent
Cecilia Chung
Cecilia Chung
01:48 18 Dec 16
So much fun!! 20€ for a number of balls that i dont remember but lasted all afternoon (4~730pm). The uniforms were clean and big sized (too big for me). Guns a bit heavy for kids or small sized people, but not horrible. If your party isn't big, there are usually other players around you can play together (against each other or mixed up).Service was nice, installations new and clean, lots of toilets and also 2 showers (per gender, id assume). There is plenty of parking and a karting right next door.The battlefield is really nice, tons of hideouts including huts, tunnels, holes...Only negative is that it's hard to play with the mask (which is there for security reasons) because you can't really wear glasses underneath and also they get blurry after some time).

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Laser Combat – Hangar 37, Bahía Felíz