San Agustin – Costa Maspalomas

San Agustin is popular tourist tonw of the Costa Maspalomas and has its secret only long term tourists and residents know about.

San Agustin is a very popular tourist town on the Maspalomas coast, with amazing views over the ocean from almost any hillside residence. And the sand beaches are famous for being well kept and clean.

San Agustin view

The town seamlessly joins Playa del Inglés at the Las Burras beach in the southwest.The seamless link between the two towns is at this very spot as depicted on the photo below: the wooden bridge at the Playa del Cochino.

San Agustin Beachwalk

When turning right the beach walks takes you all the way to Maspalomas Dunes viewpoint. And when you turn left, you first reach the beautiful Las Burras beach, and at the end of the beachwalk about 40 minutes away you will reach this idyllic viewpoint on the photo below, overlooking the San Agustin Beach.

San Agustin View Point

Beaches and Bays

As you stroll along, you will find a couple of hidden bays and the two natural sand beaches of golden sand: the long San Agustin Beach to the north, and the shorter Las Burras beach to the south. Many people exercise use the beach walk for exercise walking and jogging in the morning. And others you will observe walking barefoot in the sand at the edge of the water.

The Seasons in San Agustin

This town sees the most visitors during winter season, peaking from October to April. Many of the shops and restaurants, as well as the weekly farmer’s market are only open during these months. Many of these visitors are long-term holiday makers as well pensioners from all over Europe, with a big majority from Sweden.

After Easter until about mid June, there are the least people on the island in general, allowing for amazing walks on the beach, only meeting a handful of people.

In the summer the beaches are ruled by the locals, coming on holidays from the north of Gran Canaria, and spending one or two months in the south or just coming down for the weekends.

The Swede’s preferred resort on Gran Canaria

In the 1970ies the Swedish claimed this area to be their favourite spot in Gran Canaria. Over the last few decades, they have established a Swedish church at Corona Roja, as well as a Swedish school and kindergarten.

This also explains the presence of the Swedish flags everywhere especially at the CORONA ROJA Shopping Centre, with a Swedish bakery and grocery store, Scandinavian beauty salons, Swedish massage studios and of course Swedish restaurants.

Recommended Businesses

Northern European pensioners like to spend their time here too. Several restaurants offer special low-cost menus precisely for this reason. You will find menu offers of a three course meal including two Schnapps from as low as 8 € per person.

Costa Maspalomas’  Luxury Resort

On the hill of San Agustin, one of Costa Maspalomas’ most expensive residential areas can be found as well as a nice number of posh villas for rent. It is said that many rich businessmen, doctors and lawyers from Las Palmas like to have their summer residence in San Agustin. Who can possibly blame with these kind of views!

San Agustin view to Maspalomas


The San Agustin Shopping Centre

The San Agustin shopping centre is located in the middle of town, with numerous bars, really excellent restaurants in different price ranges, establishments with entertainment, rent-a-car agencies, banks, hairdressers, shops, pharmacies, real-estate –  you name it, the centre has is.  Read more about the Shopping Centre…

Centro Comercial San Agustin Parken.

Thursday is Market Day in San Agustín

During the winter months, from September to May, every THURSDAY, there is a farmer’s market on at the San Agustin shopping centre. It offers the usual: fresh fruits, vegetables, and other products native to Gran Canaria.

Frisches Obst und Gemüse gibt es nicht nur an Markttagen in San Agustin.

The cool thing about going to the market here, is that you can combine it with a long stroll through the mall ending at the nearby beach, where you can either stop to admire the view before going home, or continue your walk on sand.

How to get there

San Agustin is on the main road GC 500. By car only about 5 minutes ride from Playa del Inglés. Parking can get a bit tricky during summer weekends because an increased number of beach goers will park their cars everywhere. There is a big free parking area in the front and back of the Hotel San Agustin Beach Club, and another big parking spot belonging to the Restaurant El Capitan.

Bus fahren zum CC San Agustin.

For those who prefer to travel via public transportation, bus line 1 stops right outside the doors of the shopping center , see Gran Canaria bus lines.

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