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    Gran Canaria REGIONAL
    Social Media & Marketing Digital

    Online Guide in 10 Languages

    Avenida Tirajana 37,
    35100 Playa del Inglés, Las Palmas
    Gran Canaria

    MON – FRE:
    10:30 – 18:30

    Judith Schjorring
    Tel: +34 649 962 075
    (English, Spanish, German) 


    1. Celina Saffar

      Please dont hesitate to contact me for further information. This week I am going to be on Furteventura but next week I am back in Gran Canaria and I would love to meet you in person to exchange some ideas.

      Best wishes till then,
      Celina Saffar

      1. Celina, use the Contact Form above to let us know what you have in mind. And we will get back to you via email. Best regards, Judith

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