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Reduma Pest Control & Exterminator Company, is based in Las Palmas and professionally services every town and village on the whole of Gran Canaria. They offer very effective service at competitive prices. That is why you see one of their cars quite often parked in front of an apartment complex or a hotel in the south of the island!

garden fumigation reduma

They will eradicate any kind of insect or creepy crawly plague at your home or office. The company also takes on major cleansing services. And they have special discount prices for residential homes. Here is an overview of their main services:

  • Pest Control Cockroaches – read how this is done
  • Fumigation of ants, flies, spiders and other creepy crawlies
  • Eradications of rats, mice and pigeons
  • Eradication of silverfish & fleas
  • Wood treatments against drywood termites and other pests attacking wood constructions
  • Legionella – bacteria which lives in the air ducts and air conditioning
  • Cleansing services of sewers, water tanks, old buildings, etc.

Pest Control Gran Canaria, Reduma


We have been using the services of this particular pest control exterminator for several years in a row. We cannot recommend them enough. In fact, last year we did not even need a fumigation, because there were hardly any cockroaches, or ants in our house and garden, after the very effective eradication the year before. Read this if you would like to know more about flying cockroaches in Gran Canaria.

Here a list of the most common pests in both English and Spanish in Gran Canaria:

Cockroach Pest Control

Drywood termites or Carcoma

Reduma also specialise in the eradication of drywood termite or carcoma as the Canary Islanders commonly call the pest.

“We have a 40 m2 wooden-roofed room. There were white pellets, resembling white sand, on different areas of the floor. So we called out 4 different companies over the years to compare what they would do and how much it would cost. One was only going to treat a square metre for 300€, another wanted 2.000€ for the whole area, and another did not seem to know how to get rid of the dreaded carcoma at all.

Reduma beat them on every account: time, area and cost! As a preventive measure, we have Reduma now treating our wooden ceilings and wooden walls every couple of years.”

Advice: When you order the treatment against termites, they cover all your furniture with plastic. After they are finished, wash the floor immediately with warm water to remove the stickiness. But, don’t clean, nor mop, the treated surfaces.

Summary: Reduma treats all known pests on this island. Even if you already have a company that you are using, call them today to give you an independent free quote as a comparison.

How to use REDUMA’s Service

They have their main offices in Las Palmas. Simply call them during their working hours (TEL: +34 928 676 151 ), tell them about your problem and give your street address. Their service specialist will come to evaluate the problem and to prepare a quote straight away. If the quote seems fair to you, simply agree on a date and time for the fumigation. When the fumigation is completed, a few days later you pay the agreed price and receive the receipt. Remember, you then have a 12 month guarantee, which means they will repeat the treatment for free, if the plague should reappear within the year.

What People Say

Reduma S.L.
Based on 16 reviews
Exquisite and decisive treatment when making consultations, treatments and with a personalized treatment that they gave me, clarifying all my doubts.
Yolanda Ramos
Yolanda Ramos
01:06 27 Jan 24
Effective in services, responses and solutions to customer problems.
Attention, kindness and speed
Robert Jetzelsberger
Robert Jetzelsberger
16:38 15 Mar 23
Good service but not necessarily cheap
Eu RoRa
Eu RoRa
14:16 29 Sep 21
Exquisite attention and demonstrated professionalism of the applicators, you call them and the attention is very fast.
Yolanda Ramos
Yolanda Ramos
23:24 15 Nov 20
Alex Molina
Alex Molina
03:06 01 May 20
Very professional, exquisite customer service and personal and close treatment!
Sara Rodriguez Santana
Sara Rodriguez Santana
13:31 11 Jul 19
Jose Navarro Arroyo
Jose Navarro Arroyo
13:17 09 Jul 19
camila arzapalo
camila arzapalo
15:48 28 Nov 17

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