Playa Inglés Beach Gran Canaria

Very Popular Place Located In The South Coast Of Gran Canaria.

It is often said that Playa Inglés Beach Gran Canaria is one of the most famous beaches in all of Europe. And indeed, the 2.7-kilometer long stretch of sand is incredibly well-known. Its western border, so to speak, is another famous tourist hotspot. Maspalomas beach starts at the western end of Playa Inglés Gran Canaria, and to the east is also another beautiful sand surface. The San Agustin beach is its eastern neighbor. Together, these 3 comprise one of the most gorgeous beach belts in one of the most gorgeous islands of the Old Continent.

Playa Inglés Beach Gran Canaria is extremely popular throughout the year. It is one of the busiest tourist destinations in all of Spain. This mostly has to do with the mild climate of Gran Canaria. Many get that famous feel-good-factor when visiting this part of the world, and a part of that is definitely because of its wonderful beaches.

Playa Inglés Beach Gran Canaria

No Man’s Imagination Does It Justice

The nearby Maspalomas Dunes represent the perfect backdrop for Playa Inglés Beach Gran Canaria. Resembling the Sahara Desert, the Dunes are also a hugely popular tourist amenity. The beach itself boasts fine, white sand and is an absolute joy to sink your feet in. The beach faces east and is widely considered the number 1 beach in Gran Canaria. Informally, it is divided into distinct areas. Each of these areas is unofficially reserved for families with children, LGBT population and nudists.

In case you speak a bit of Spanish, you understand the name of the beach. However, if you don’t here’s a short explanation. The name actually means Englishman’s beach, though there is some dispute regarding the origin of the name. Playa Inglés Gran Canaria is said to have been named after an English bohemian who had moved to the area early in the 20th century.

However, some state that that is not true. There are claims that the bohemian was actually French and that the locals mistook him for English. Be that as it may, the name has grown into an iconic symbol of a gorgeous stretch of beauty.

Playa Inglés Gran Canaria

Playa Inglés Beach Gran Canaria – A True Paradise In Europe

Throughout Playa Inglés Gran Canaria you will have no trouble finding showers and other public conveniences. These include kiosks selling ice-creams, cold drinks and other refreshments. Also, the beach is very ramp-friendly. This means that people with disabilities will find various access points to get down to the sand.

And if restaurants and bars are what you are in need of, don’t worry. The place to visit here is the Annexo II strip. This area is absolutely brimming with eateries and bars. You can find it directly in front of the Plaza and Kasbah shopping centers. In other words, this is where facilities and services cluster. Whether you are craving a Chateaubriand or Big Mac, you will have no trouble finding them here.

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