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Exquisite Wine Menu, Grappa Menu, Authentic Italian

The Restaurant & Pizzeria Piccola Italia in the San Agustin Shopping Centre serves the most exquisite Italian cuisine.  In our humble opinion it is probably one of the best Italian restaurants in whole of Gran Canaria.

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When you come to eat at this restaurant, you do not come just for pizzas!  Although their authentic Italian pizzas are also truly delicious.

Restaurante Piccola italia, San Agustin, Gran Canaria

It is all the other amazing compositions, which are cooked to perfection and presented as if you were eating in a 5* restaurant. For example, a home-made Foie Gras served with caramelized apples and toasted brioche. Or a Carpacchio with Parmesan and the authentic Cipriani sauce from Venice.

The Pasta

The home-made cheese and mushroom ravioli with a truffle and mushroom sauce is just out of this world. And if you are lucky to go to the restaurant when they have the sea-food pan as a special, you are in for a real treat.

The Pizza

The home-made pizza breads have a dedicated page in the menu. When you order bread as an appetiser the waiters bring the most tasty Italian olive oil and three different kinds of salt-grinders to the table. Honestly, the pizza bread as a pre-starter turns into a surprisingly nice welcome.

The Italian Chef and owner Ciro leaves nothing to chance. Each meal is carefully planned. Only the best ingredients are used and added at the right times. You will detect his care in each bite you take of any meal you order.

Piccola Italia - Saltimbocca a la Romana

The delicious Saltimbocca a la Romana, the tender Ossobuco or the famous Vitello Tonnato, all taste exactly as they are supposed to, according to old Italian recipes. Each meal is served with a special feature. The Ossobucco, for example, is accompanied with saffron rice, served in a small edible bowl made of Parmesan cheese.

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Wine & Grappa

A big wine chiller is filled with precious bottles of red, white and rosé wines, ready for the wine connoisseur to accompany   each meal with the right bouquet. If you are unsure, let Ciro advise you. He knows the story of each exquisite wine on the menu. Grappa lovers will be in for a treat, too, with dozens of different flavours to choose from. And perfect to accompany a dessert as delicious as this chocolate soufflé on vanilla custard.

Piccola Italia Dessert


Gluten or Lactose Intolerant?

Everybody can enjoy this exquisite Italian restaurant. For people who are gluten or lactose intolerant, the Chef has prepared special gluten-free pasta and pizza, as well as lactose-free cheese and sauces. At the Piccola Italia you will also easily find something vegetarian or vegan, if you fancy.

Our Conclusion

You should not miss out on this special treat. The pasta is home made and the pizza dough is Italian thin, soft and tasty. All at the same time. The meats are cooked to perfection, the decoration is cosy and the presentation clean. On first glance, you will not see what this restaurant has to offer. All in all, we cannot recommend it enough! Let yourself be taken on a journey to Piccola Italia, the Little Italy in Gran Canaria.

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Piccola Italia
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Geri McMahon
Geri McMahon
18:55 14 Jan 20
Lovely Italian restaurant, nice wines. Definitely would retur.
Dominica Queen Black
Dominica Queen Black
16:49 02 Jan 20
Very nice food. Have aqua Panna. Staff very nice.
Emily .
Emily .
18:51 11 Nov 19
Pizza here is perfect. The staff is wonderfull!
Jeroen Grendelman
Jeroen Grendelman
12:52 08 Nov 19
We were there a few days ago. The pizzas are amazing. Friendly staff in a weird location (shopping centre).... Nevertheless absolute quality!read more
Niels Houthuys
Niels Houthuys
16:50 30 Sep 19
The pasta was amazing and the waiters we're really friendly. I would recommend this place
Ruby Huang
Ruby Huang
19:22 06 Sep 19
came here in two evening consecutively. great food and great service - love the house white wine 🙂
23:07 18 Jun 19
Super friendly staff! Good options for gluten free and vegetarian 😀 About 30 Euros for two people. There were a few... hairs on my plate, so it would be a good idea for the chef to wear a hair net 🙂read more
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  1. One of our favourite Italian Restaurants

    The Piccola Italia Restaurant in San Agustin surprises every time we go there, simply every dish is delicious. A true Italian experience!

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