Ocean Fun Park for Kids & Adults

Great fun for the kids and adults Playa Amadores

The OCEAN FUN PARK Bouncy Castle in the sea of Puerto Rico’s Amadores Beach is one of those attractions, which kids of all ages just simply love. Adults can also participate, but will probably tire out before the session is over. Every time our kids go there, they climb up and jump and climb up again and slide, and like that all day long – for hours. They just stop for a while if they are hungry, thirsty or go snorkelling for a while. Best exercise ever.

If you go with your kids, make sure to put a high factor sun cream protection on. You can buy a 40 minutes ticket which costs 7€ per person, or buy an all day ticket for 18€. It can be pricey if you have two kids or more. But believe us when we say the money is well spent.

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Calle San Borondón 1
Mogán 35130 CN ES
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