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Popular Food Market @ Holidayworld with DJ, LIve Music & Events
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Nomad Gastro Market Holidayworld Maspalomas

The NOMAD GASTRO MARKET at Holidayworld Maspalomas has become one of the most popular eating & going out places in the South of the island. Popular with tourist and local residents alike!

Where else can you find 14 fantastic food stands with an incredible choice of over 400 luscious delicacies to eat and drink? And that in a fabulous modern atmosphere?

Clean & Modern Design @ Nomad Gastro Market

The Nomad has a modern and clean design. Huge windows at the seating areas offer incredible views over towards Maspalomas and the mountains.

Nomad Gastro Market

You will find long stylish bench type seating for bigger parties, but also fancy lit up cosy corners for smaller ones. There are high tables, low tables, tables for two or whole groups. It is intimate if you want. Or open and ready to party if that is what you came for.

Nomad Gastro Market Holidayworld Maspalomas

We loved the lighting and decoration. The outside terraces evoke a happy, Carribean beach party vibe. There are so many different atmospheres to spend your evening, you can just move from one area to another as the night progresses.

Street food style with something for everyone!

The Nomad Gastro Market offers 14 street food stands, which aren’t your typical fast food outlets. This is a whole new eating experience with excellent food from well known local restaurants from around the island. 

There really is something for everyone whatever your age or taste in food. It is the perfect place for families as everyone has the opportunity to order exactly what their heart desires.

Also ideal for groups of friends, a works outing, couples, or for any kind of celebration. No group needs arguing over how you split the bill as you all go and get your own food and meet back at your table of choice!!!

Holidayworld Maspalomas Gran Canaria

Nomad Gastro Market Online Community


Great Atmosphere even during the week!

Most evenings there is live music, shows or a DJ. On a weekend it really becomes alive and opens already at 1:00 o’clock. We visited on a Thursday evening and the atmosphere was great.

Nomad Gastro Market Holidayworld Maspalomas

The Food Stands

On our visit we had an amazing food tour around the flavours of the world brought together at the NOMAD Gastro Market. We had the pleasure of tasting exquisite specialties from every single street food stand on the top floor of Holidayworld Maspalomas.

Open style kitchens allow you to clearly see what each stand has proudly on offer. It is fascinating to watch them prepare their dishes whilst you take your pick of what you would like to eat. Let us warn you though, you will be spoilt for choice!

  • NISEI Japanese & Peruvian Cuisine: they serve tasty and exquisite combinations. We tried a wonderful mixed plate of fantastic sushi. It was excellent and of course served with wasabi, pickled ginger and soy sauce.

Nisei Holidayworld Nomad Streetfood

  • HAWAI POKÉ: Did you know fast food can also be healthy! We were treated to a typical Hawaiian poke bowl with salmon, rice, edamame beans, avocado and sweet mango with a wonderful creamy hot sauce. We were also served with a vibrant red juice which was made with beetroot.

  • THE KENTUCKY is bringing you the taste and flavour of North America with typical plates like chicken, ribs or sweetcorn. We were offered the most tender, falling off the bone, BBQ ribs and chips and proper crunchy fried chicken pieces.

  • TAQUERÍA MONTERREY: Mexican and Aztec gastronomy with amazing colours and flavours. We ate their incredible nachos served inside a crunchy flour tortilla.

  • THALI STREET: A complete explosion of flavours from India using the most traditional of spices. We loved our colourful mix of salad with an aromatic and tasty chicken tandoori curry.

  • LA MEXICANA provided us with real authentic Mexican flavors. We thoroughly enjoyed our huge bowl of nachos with yummy toppings of chicken, cheese and jalapeños, plus the most delicous gluten free tacos we ever tasted.

  • LA PAPA LOCA: Famous in the capital! They serve burgers and beers from around the world. Their food is a burger fan’s idea of heaven. Chip cones served with their unforgettable sauce and loaded burgers that everyone of all ages can enjoy. We certainly enjoyed ours!

Maspalomas Street Food

  • THAI BEACH presented us with a delicious Thai noodle dish exploding with all the wonderful flavours you would expect from Thai cuisine.

  • LA TRATTORIA BY BIENMESABE serve delicious Italian street food with portions of pizza, pasta, salads and more. Our dish was a huge hot yummy Calzone filled with tomato, ham, mushroom, oregano and mozzarella.

  • AL GRILL STREET FOOD tells us they select the best products and the best cuts of meat.  They use the grill to give the perfect touch of flavour and fire to their dishes. We tried tortones de platano – delicious savoury banana pancakes – served with pico de gallo salad. Plus incredible, perfectly cooked steak slices with a wonderful green sauce called Guasacaca.

  • ATIPYKO serves Spanish and Canarian Tapas & pinchos but in an atypical, modern and fancy way. The food is simply delicious and outstanding. We loved every bit of it!

  • ALGOINCREÍBLE ICE CREAM BISTROT is a combination of both a traditional and vintage ice cream parlour with haute cuisine. Their crepes and gofres were stunning and almost looked too good to eat! They also serve savoury snacks, perfectly cooked churros and a selection of coffees and drinks.

ice cream at Holidayworld Maspalaomas

  • GINGER GIN & COCKTAIL Our evening couldn’t have ended more perfectly than enjoying a Strawberry Mojito, a Piña Colada, a delightful Cosmopolitan and our new favourite cocktail called Bahama Mama!

Ginger Cocktails Holiday World Maspalomas

This will certainly not be our last evening out at the Nomad Gastro Market at Holidayworld, Maspalomas!

Nomad Gastro Market Holidayworld Maspalomas
Mercado del Nomad
Based on 304 reviews
Alan Kell
Alan Kell
Great bars, restaurants and entertainment - really cool place to be, and not too expensive either! Busy, but not too much and provides a great atmosphere.
Rav Dhillon
Rav Dhillon
Lively lovely place lots to see do and eat
shona fairley
shona fairley
Great family day out
Billy Devine
Billy Devine
Lovely 👌❤️
Rajesh Dave
Rajesh Dave
Food was ok. Drinks were great. Prices were really good.
Halima Yo
Halima Yo
23/07/20 @ Nomad Gastro Market (Holiday World)Love the food court concept and the attractions for young and old. It was a bit pity that the restaurants were closing too early, I think it was around 22:30.. So we couldn't eat some great portions. We found Nisei, which had delicious sushi and spring rolls! Friendly staffWe would definitely try the other restaurants if we come back soon I hope!Greetings from Hollanda ♡
Jani Varjo
Jani Varjo
Good place to eat something fast and casual. Many places to choose from. Overall everything is clean and place calls to eat something. We tried Hawai poke that was basically just what we thought of. If prices were a bit lower this might be worth 4 stars.
S. Landhoff
S. Landhoff
Lovely place! Many restaurants so plenty of choice! Food hall Gran Canaria

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