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The Misbah Meloneras, is a well-known Bombay Café & Tandoori Restaurant and some say the best Indian restaurant in Maspalomas. We took it to the test, and we have to say, we agree. We loved it all… the food, the location, the speed and quality of service, everything!

The Misbah is laying at the seafront of the Meloneras Boulevard El Faro, with incredible views over to the horizon from the 10 – 12 tables on its terrace. We went there on a Friday night at the beginning of April, and the restaurant was full. We could only get a small table inside, but that was just perfect for our purposes, as it gave us a chance to see everything that happened close up.

A fantastic experience

What impressed us straight away, was the open kitchen and the organized staff. When standing at the door of the Misbah, you could see all the way to the back of the kitchen. Impressive. This demonstrated to us that they have nothing to hide, in fact, they are proud to show off the chefs and their skills.

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The second thing which impressed us, was the amount of very well organized staff. There were 5 waiters, one of whom stood serviced the bar requirements only. This freed up the time for the other four waiters, who then had plenty of time to make each guest feel welcome, prepare the tables and deliver the drinks and food without stress free.

Misbah Restaurant

Not long after our order, we received our starters. We ordered poppadoms with the three standard sauces, the mint-sauce, mango chutney & vegetables mix. We also ordered some Samosas and mixed Raita, which tasted delicious. And soon after we finished the starters, we received our main courses.

What was really amazing, was the presentation of the food. We have been to many Indian restaurants, but the Misbah  probably has the nicest presentation of Indian dishes we have ever come across. Each course was elegantly served on plates with a wooden under plate, making the Indian food look even better.

As we were stuffed to the brim, we only had  two scoops of home-made ice-cream, one of pistachio and one of mango. DELICIOUS, wow! I am personally not a great lover of pistachio ice-cream, but I could not get enough of this one. The nutty taste, the texture, the creamy consistence – you must try it! The mango-ice cream had little bits of fruit in, fresh and not too sweet, simply perfect.

The busiest time at the Misbah Restaurant

The busiest time in this restaurant is on the weekends in the evening from about 7:00 pm, as locals and tourists both want to indulge in an Indian meal. But you can also have lunch and early dinner there, avoiding to busiest time in the restaurant, as it opens at midday.

A little bit of Inside Info about the Misbah

Mos, the owner explained to us, that Misbah is the name of his mother who is a wonderful cook. Every single recipe they use at this restaurant is a special blend used by his mother. Mos believes this special blends are one of the important factors in the success of his restaurant. The Misbah is a Bombay Café which stands for all-including hospitality.  Everyone is welcome, no prejudices, no judgement, just come and have a good time.

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2 reviews

  1. Authentic Indian Restaurant

    We really enjoyed the authentic Indian food at the Misbah in Meloneras. We will go again for sure!

  2. The food at this restaurant was very good and very enjoyable but the service was terrible and the waitor that served us looked as if he could not be interested in serving us and was not friendly.

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