Vetro Fondo Traghetto Lineas Salmone

Trasporto idrico a prezzi accessibili tra Arguineguin e Puerto de Mogan

Il Lineas Salmon Glass Bottom Ferry offre un servizio di taxi d’acqua hop-on hop-off orario a prezzi accessibili tra 4 porti nel sud di Gran Canaria: Arguineguin, Anfi del Mar, Puerto Rico e Puerto de Mogàn. Due volte al giorno puoi anche unirti a loro nel loro popolarissimo viaggio di ricerca dei delfini, clicca per saperne di più.

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Lineas Salmone Taxi Acqua Anfi del Mar

Lineas Salmon motto è quello di offrire trasporto veloce, economico, sicuro, confortevole, divertente e memorabile nel sud di Gran Canaria.

Prendi il sole sul ponte sole, goditi la fresca brezza sul ponte centrale protetto dal sole o guarda cosa succede sotto l’acqua attraverso il fondo di vetro sul ponte inferiore. Si potrebbe essere fortunati e avvistare un delfino, pesce volante o una tartaruga marina!

Lines Salmon Ferry Ticket Panoramica

  • Durata: 10 – 55 minuti
  • Biglietto stampato o mobile
  • Conferma istantanea
  • Limite di prenotazione: 12 h prima dell’inizio
  • Cancellazione gratuita fino a 24 ore prima dell’inizio dell’attività

Che cosa è incluso?

  • Biglietto per persona
  • Solarium
  • Fondo in vetro
  • Bar a bordo
  • WC accesibile
  • Unidirezionale o andata e ritorno
  • Tutte le tasse e le tasse
  • assicurazione

Stazioni Portuali

  • Portorico
  • Anfi del Mar
  • Porto de Mogàn
  • Arguineguin


È possibile prenotare l’attività on-line e il biglietto verrà inviato via e-mail, che è possibile mostrare al personale sul tuo dispositivo mobile o consegnare un biglietto stampato.

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Orari di inizio

  • Disponibile 7 giorni alla settimana
  • Ogni ora
  • Viaggio del Pugno: 9:00
  • Ultimo viaggio: 17:00

Prezzi & Regole:

  • Hop-On Hop-Off Tour
  • Arguineguin – Anfi da 4 anni
  • Porto Rico – Anfi a partire dai 4 anni
  • Porto Rico – Mogan a partire da 7
  • Porto Rico – Arguineguin da 7 anni
  • Anfi – Mogan a partire da 10 anni
  • Arguineguin – Mogan da 13 anni

Cosa portare?

  • Crema solare
  • Cappello o cappuccio
  • Giacca nei mesi invernali

Condizioni di prenotazione:

  • Pagamento completo accettato
  • Rimborso completo per le cancellazioni 24 ore prima dell’inizio dell’attività
  • Questa attività dipende dal tempo
  • Rimborso completo in caso di cancellazione a causa di maltempo
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Lineas Salmon E acqua Taxi Descrizione

I traghetti Dilasalmon di Lineas offrono un servizio Hop On – Hop Off tra i porti di Arguineguin, Anfi del Mar, Puerto Rico (Puerto Escala) e Puerto de Mogàn. Sei dei sette traghetti Lineas Salmon hanno un bar a bordo, che offre snack, bibite e acqua, così come birra e vino. Tutte le barche sono disponibili con passeggini e sedie a rotelle, in modo che tutti possano salire a bordo.

Lineas Salmone Taxi Acqua Anfi del Mar

Quanto dura un viaggio?

Il viaggio più breve dura circa 10 minuti da Arguineguin ad Anfi e 30 minuti sulla tappa più lunga da Porto Rico a Porto de Mogano. Ad ogni porto il taxi d’acqua ha una sosta di 15 minuti per consentire alle persone di scendere e sulla barca. Ad Anfi la barca si ferma solo per 5 minuti.

Lineas Salmone Acqua Taxi Gran Canaria


Lineas Salmon è stata fondata nel 1969 da Laureano Romero, per offrire un servizio di trasporto idrico veloce e di risparmio sia per i residenti che per i turisti, originariamente tra Arguineguin, Porto Rico e Porto de Mogàn. Alla fine degli anni ’90 è stata fondata la quarta stazione portuale di Anfi del Mar.

Biglietto Autobus & Barca da MASPALOMAS

Il biglietto autobus e barca può essere acquistato presso le principali stazioni degli autobus GLOBAL PARQUE TROPICAL a Playa del Inglés e MELONERAS a Maspalomas. Si ottiene un piccolo sconto utilizzando l’autobus pubblico per Arguinguin, e prendendo i 10 minuti a piedi dalla stazione del porto di Lineas Salmon.

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Cosa dicono le persone

Líneas Salmón S.L.
Basato su 144 recensioni
Mickael Hubrecht
Mickael Hubrecht
13:45 10 Oct 22
Just beautyfull! In a half hour we seen the bottle nose dolphins. a good tip is to take something before sailing out to prevent sickness.
Tom Ellinson
Tom Ellinson
22:14 27 Aug 22
We had a lovey return trip from Puerto de Mogán to Puerto Rico. The staff were very friendly and helpful with our pushchair. The voyage was lovely and we had a brilliant day even if our two year old did want to jump off into the sea! Shame the glass bottom was not a little cleaner but we could still se something through it.
charlie williams
charlie williams
21:31 28 Jul 22
DOLPHIN TRIP WITH A WARNING!If you want to see dolphins then this is guaranteed otherwise you get another ticket. We did see them after around 1hr 30 for about 10 minutes which was excellent and beautiful to see and then headed back to shore which took another hour. However, this experience should come with a warning on their website at least! It was a lot rockier than we had expected despite it being in July and it was a very sunny day. This caused at least 90% of the passengers to feel sick and then express that...They were given see-through bags which once they were used, they would have to hold!! So other passengers would have to see the full bag of sick for the rest of the journey. Multiple men, woman and children definitely regretted going. I would not recommend this trip for young children, especially babies, or anyone who normally suffers from sea sickness as even I felt sick and I never usually suffer. Also if you get queasy from seeing, smelling or hearing vomit then avoid as the entire bottom deck was full of ill looking people with sick on them.... Otherwise enjoy!
Kékesi Krisztina
Kékesi Krisztina
16:11 20 Nov 21
Great trip among hundreds of dolphins! Thanks for the great experience!
R Abe
R Abe
19:48 14 Mar 20
Never booked just turned up at puerto de mogan for the Friday 11am Dolphin watching trip. Cost 30 euros per adult. They basically went straight out to sea and found Dauphins, we had plenty of time and saw many Dauphins. Excellent.
Charles HALES
Charles HALES
17:43 06 Feb 20
We had a little ferry trip to Arguineguin and back to Puerto Rico on market day which is on Tuesday’s. Enjoyable trip which also stops off at Anfi Del Mar going and returning. Big Market in Arguineguin, good morning out. Price reasonable for two adults return.Plenty of seating upstairs and down below. They do Whale and dolphins trips as well.
Bernhard Hinna
Bernhard Hinna
16:39 23 Dec 19
We were stuck in Anfi del Mar as the last ferry with Lineas Bluebird to Mogan had already departed. Lineas Salmòn were so kind as to let us ride with them. Thank you 🙂
Dóra Hajnal
Dóra Hajnal
13:17 27 Aug 19
Quite nice dolphin watching trip! When I went we only managed to see 5-6 dolphins from quite close, so you have to be lucky to see lots! Good organization and there is affordable parking just next to the departure point!
Joyce Saris
Joyce Saris
21:18 22 Jul 19
Yesterday we took a trip with the Salmon boat to find dolphins. We had reservations at our hotel and were picked up there. Driven from maspalomas to Puerto Rico, we took the nice salmon ferry and went to sea.At the ferry there were drinks available and a snack.A nice crew, who were honest.. spotting dolphins is never a science. Sometimes you see them, sometimes you don't.. These are wild animals whom you can't control.So with less expectations and lots of hope we went to the 400m deep Atlantic Ocean.We saw birds and flying fish when the crew got excited : lots of tuna fish in front of us.Tuna.. That means dolphin.. So in a few minutes they were there!For like one hour, a group of 10 dolphins were around the ferry.This big group was a surprise for guests as well for the crew.It was so beautiful, to see the animals playing around the boats stream. A mother and baby dolphin swimming and diving next to each other.This was a day to remember! 🥰🥰🥰🥰Thank you lineas salmon 🐬
Fabiano Abate
Fabiano Abate
07:41 15 Jul 19
Fantastic Dolphin trip to the deep see. You can see dolphins, sharks and turtles too. The sailors are very outgoing and creates a very happy atmosphere on the boat.
Fabiano Abate
Fabiano Abate
09:56 27 Jun 19
Fantastic Dolphin trip to the deep see. You can see dolphins, sharks and turtles too. The sailors are very outgoing and creates a very happy atmosphere on the boat.
Matt R
Matt R
09:21 06 Jun 19
Great team of staff very helpful and freindly. Reasonable prices and fun day
Matt R
Matt R
21:03 04 Jun 19
Great team of staff very helpful and freindly. Reasonable prices and fun day
Vebe Jatze
Vebe Jatze
14:30 14 Aug 18
We went on the first departure to see dolphins. Me and my son werent feeling well before departure so i would have guessed it would be uncomfortable. We got to see many dolphins and the crew was really caring and sweet. So despite a little motion sickness it was a cool experience!
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Líneas Salmón & Dolphin Trip