With the Canarian Recipes here you can recreate your favour meals you enjoy having at the Canarian restaurants or the home-made dishes you tasted at your friends.

Canarian Recipes

Mojo Verde & Rojo, Papas Arrugadas

Mojo Verde – Canarian Green Mojo sauce

Mojo Verde or Green Mojo Sauce is a creamy light garlic sauce with a much milder and fresher taste to its spicy sister counterpart, Mojo Rojo. Typically it is served with either baked, steamed and battered fish dishes, however this versatile and tasty sauce is enjoyed with any type of Canarian food and tapas. Preparation Time: 5 to […]

Mojo Rojo, Wrinkled Potatoes

Mojo Rojo – Canarian Red Mojo Sauce

Mojo Rojo is a red garlic sauce which is most commonly found when enjoying Canarian food and Spanish Tapas. If you have ever been out and ordered a bowl of Papas Arrugadas, generally known as Canarian potatoes you will have tasted the garlic and slightly spicy red sauce usually served on top of the salty or […]

Alioli Ingredientes

Alioli Recipe

Alioli is a delicious garlic & mayonnaise sauce you can use for several purposes such as a dip, a sauce to go with meat, fish or potatoes or to spread on bread instead of butter. In Gran Canaria this is typical starter and each chef has his own special recipe. Preparation Time: 20 minutes Ingredients: 1 […]


Chicken Paella – Canarian Style

This Chicken Paella – Canarian Style is a very common dish in Gran Canaria. There is a lot of sea food added, so it is almost a mixed paella. It takes about two and half hours from preparing all the ingredients to the finished meal. Cooking and Preparation Time:  2 hours 30 minutes What you need: 1 kg of […]