Salobre Golf and Resort

The Salobre Golf and Resort has TWO of the finest 18 holes golf courses in Gran Canaria, the Salobre  New Course and the Salobre Old Course. The Old Course, which used to be called the South Course, is designed by Roland Faure and more of a traditional 18 hole course suitable for all level of golfers.

The New Course, designed by John Kirby, is more target golf and more demanding. You can reach Salobre in a 10 minute drive from either Puerto Rico or Maspalomas. Some people might still know it under its old name “The North Course”.

The Salobre Old Course

The Old Course, which used to be called the South Course, I enjoy playing it in the summer tournaments because it’s a good challenge. It tests your golf skills on elevated tee shots and your approach shots. At least eleven of the holes you are teeing off from are above the fairway or the green.

The Old Course is not that long from the men’s tees. If you would like a good challenge as a low handicap player, I would recommend you play from the championship tees. From the championship tees some holes become up to 50 metres longer than from the men’s tees.

The Difficulty

Of the many golf courses Spain has in Gran Canaria, this course is great for all level of Golfers with some challenging holes. If the low handicap players would like a tough challenge, then I would recommend to play from the back tees.

Not only is the course a challenge from the back tees, but the views from the back tees are simply more spectacular.


The Fairways

The fairways are kept in good condition all year round, so you can be guaranteed to have good lies through your whole round. The one thing I will say though about these fairways is, they are not flat because of how the course is designed. The majority of the fairways slope quite a bit, so you will have to play all types of shots, such as uphill and downhill lies.

It would be also wise, not to use your driver all the time on the course as some good drives could still get you into trouble if you don’t know the course too well.

The Greens

The greens are great to putt on and can be quite receptive. Some of them are quite quicker than others. That might have to do with the altitude of some of the greens. But all in all, golfers will not be disappointed with them.

The Clubhouse at the Sheraton Salobre Hotel

Salobre Golf used to have a fantastic clubhouse which overlooked a great part of the golf course. Within the last year (2013) the club house has been moved to the Sheraton Hotel. Now, it is not really a clubhouse but rather a Pro Shop. At the current time, all visiting Golfers have to check in at the pro shop in the hotel before they play their round.

If you would like some refreshment after your round, then you are more than welcome to have a beer etc. in the hotel’s restaurant. All that said, the Sheraton Salobre Golf & Spa Hotel is a stunning resort, which is accommodating not only to golfers but also to their company who do not participate in the game. Just check out this view!


And this one of the pool area: in the far back there are two massage beds..

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